Dear Friends and Inhabitants of Blogsville 🙂

Due to time constraints, effective next week, this is my new posting schedule:

1. Fallen Grace continues on Wednesdays,

2. Haiku/Poem/Brothers Grinn/Flashfiction on Fridays, and

3. My Blog Pick, every first Monday of the month. I might also upload adhoc posts on Mondays

This would provide enough time – in order of priority – to fashion (hopefully) thoughtful replies to comments posted on my blog; free up time to visit commenters’ blogs and post considered comments of my own, and also to ‘read’ the blogs that I follow – whether or not they visit/comment on my blog. Currently, I’m following/reading about 50 blogs – the number is slowly growing – and visit them at least once a week. I also follow a couple of hundred more on an adhoc basis.

I try to visit all who tick “Like” but don’t always manage a return visit. With about 2,400 bloggers subscribed to Written Words Never Die, it’s getting somewhat impossible. 

(I sincerely appreciate any comments on how you prioritize and manage/respond to all the “Comment” and “Like” that you receive – in addition to reading the Blogs you follow) 

As I’ve always maintained, blogging has to be fun and the above schedule would go a long way to keep that flame stoked. The discerning would have noticed that since I started blogging in November 2011 (with a 6-month break in 2012) I’ve gradually reduced daily posts to five, down to three and now this. Hopefully, the quality of the posts has seen some improvement.

Thank you for your understanding and have a great weekend,


P/s Most of you who may be unaware, I also have another blog – My Write Business Way – where I upload management and business articles, and events – once a fortnight.

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  1. Very understandable, Eric… Time is an issue in bloggerville , there are as you said a world full of lovely people and great and interesting blogs.. but sadly enough there is not enough time in a day! Have a wonderful weekend.

    ciao, Francina 🙂

  2. I commend you for all that you do and your diligence in keeping thoughtful along the way. It’s taking me quite a while to move from parchment to online and at times it is difficult to keep up; for there are so many beautiful blogs and people here and not enough time in my day to respond. I do, however, want to keep it fun and meaningful so I try to do what I can for now and enjoy each moment that comes my way. I think many of us know that if time lapses in response, a simple hello or clicking “Like” is done in passing; we are all still bonded by our love for one another and literacy. Blessings of love and light to you and thank you for being a special part of my life…

    1. Wow! I’m blessed to be a special part of your life – and humbled in a lovely way, too. Thank you dear.

      The good news is, with only two posts a week, hopefully, I take some pressure off my regular readers/commenters 🙂

      All good wishes,

  3. This is wonderful, Eric. I planned my blog sometime back, followed it up fora while and gave it up due to unforeseen circumstances like frequent power outage and work schedule. Good luck!

    1. Hello Celestine,

      Yes, I gathered for some us it is more than time – power outages and weather are other issues that hinders our blogging.

      Peace and blessings,

  4. It’s been really tough for me to keep up with my writing schedule and blogging as well. I wish I had a good answer for you. I keep experimenting with different time schedules. I think we’ll both eventually find something that suits each of us. Good luck, and thanks for the update.

    1. Hello Lori,

      Yes, when you made that request for the Fallen Grace episodes, you mentioned you had WP glitches too.

      I knew that most of us have time issues but the comments here confirms that perhaps it is more widespread than I first thought.

      All good wishes dear,

  5. Thanks Eric for sharing and posting updates and all your posts which I always enjoy but cannot always respond or have time to catch up to all. I have also been very busy and preoccupied this week with our devastating front range flood here in Northern Colorado where it has washed out roads, bridges, destroyed homes, left thousands to evacuate up in our mountain towns west of Loveland and the Big Thompson River came down into town and over to the farmlands and prairies like a sleeping giant woken up after years of drought. In 3 days we saw rainfall totals of up to 19 inches in places like Boulder and up in our BT canyon just a few miles up the canyon from us. Thank God we are dry at our house but have been busy with other volunteers helping at our Disaster Assistance Center and places to help the victims which has taken some of my time, but so worthy and rewarding. I will try to post some pictures and post today or tomorrow of all this. Thanks too for all the responses and wonderful comments you have made on my blog and posts. I appreciate them all, more than you know. Be safe, and take care and enjoy your weekend as well.

    1. The floods are terrible – saw it over the internet news feeds. Proud of what you’re doing, Joyce – God bless.

      It’s my intention to continue to follow/read your posts – keep them coming as/when you can and I will certainly be dropping by 🙂

      Keep well, keep safe,

      1. Thanks, Eric. I will continue to follow, too. The ongoing cleanup and reorganization is massive as was the flood, but the spirit, will and determination of the people along the front range, the Rockies and our community as a whole is awesome to see, how people come together and want to help.

  6. In moving from a larger house to a smaller house and having to decide what to keep and what to forego, I followed a simple rule: retain only what is useful, or beautiful, or both. You have what is called an embarrassment of riches, dear Eric. Your native wisdom is kicking in. I wish you every well-deserved success as you make your changes.

    1. What a lovely comment, this, Cynthia – thank you dear 🙂

      I get your metaphor and yes, for me too, spring comes 3 or 4 times a year.

      Thank you for your well wishes my dear,

  7. I’m amazed by how well you keep up with all the blogs you follow, Eric, while consistently adding high-quality content to your own blog AND responding to the many who make comments. Announcing a regular posting schedule is a great idea. I’ve struggled to post regularly lately due to my work schedule. You’ve given me strategies to consider implementing, myself. Thanks! Peg

      1. Hi Eric,

        Thank you for your concern 🙂 Yeah, I have been busy with baby and work. And I can’t finish everyone’s blog in a day. Though before I can finish everyone’s blog in a day, every since I begin working, I have lesser time to read everyone’s blog. Though I have been trying to read everyone’s blog with limited time.

        Thank you my friend 🙂

        Cheers too,

  8. I hope your new schedule allows you to accomplish what you need to.

    I can relate to your struggle of keeping up with blogs. I follow 74, and it’s too many (that’s why I’m often days behind and never really get caught up :)) I gave up trying to check out sites of ‘likes’, though I think I still keep up fairly well with visiting sites of commenters.

    And it comes down to what you wrote – blogging should be fun. So, when I feel like I’m not keeping up, or I worry that I missed a visit, I remind myself of this 🙂

    1. 74 blogs is quite a bit to keep up with even if they post only 2 or 3 times a week.

      Yes, I make it a point to visit all commenters but do not get to do so with all the “Like” visitors.

      We’re on the same page Janna – and let’s keep blogging fun.

      All good wishes,

  9. I praise you for the effort you put to making your blog a wonderful one — a site which I’m now very fond of. I’m also amazed at how you are able to respond and keep up with you commenters and then how you visit their blogs in return, making sincere and handsome comments. Having over 50 regulars is quite a feat and keeping up could at times be challenging, especially if a good number of them are posting twice or more a week. All the same, I congratulate and laud your committment to blogging. You’re a gentleman I wish to meet someday.

    1. Ah, Uzo

      You’re a treasure find in Blogsville and your posts enrich my life. I relish your writing and do feel disappointed when the demands of time prevents you from posting your series – “We are not cursed”. It has become a weekly staple that I would not want to miss.

      I admire also how you always treat your commenters with great respect and correctness.

      Peace be your companion, my friend,

  10. When I worked full-time for a short period (in Sg), I did not blog at all as I didn’t have time. Freelance work gives me time to blog thrice in a week. Your posts are certainly of great quality. Looking forward to see more haiku and poems on Friday. Cheers!

    1. Yes, Padmini,

      We need to prioritize. I enjoy visiting your blog, so much so that I didn’t realise you post only thrice weekly. Thank you for the compliment and hope not to disappoint on Fridays 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

  11. Glad to hear you are taking some time to do your other priorities. Yes, reading and blogging is fun but can be time consuming without us realizing it. Will always look out for your scheduled installments. Also visiting your other blog that you mentioned.
    Have a great weekend and smile always.

    1. Hello Jasey,

      You continue to be one of my stalwarts – luv your ever presence and supportive comments. I intend to continue to blog as it is fun and certainly helps build bridges.

      I’ll continue to smile and wish you a great weekend too,

  12. We appreciate and thank you for your work, Eric. Your responsiveness and active engagement with the rest of us bloggers is a plus in our blogging lives. So thanks. I (and that means the entire staff of Everydayanotherstory!) understand your weariness, and hope that your new schedule will help you to keep it going strong. All the best as always.

    1. Aha, I finally have a name – Steve 🙂

      Staff you say – how many of you work on Bumbastories? Anyway, we’ve been following one another’s blogs for quite some time – almost since I started, if I recall. I intend to be around for a long time more 🙂

      All good wishes, Steve

      — Eric —

      1. If I remember correctly – and I do – it was you who got me started on George Packard, and then I wound up hiring an entire staff of intrepid Bumbastories reporters. And now I can’t get rid of them. I (we) confess, it is a bit of a burden to keep going with this stuff, so we (I) and Steve too tip our hats to you Eric. And look forward to more and more fine words and Words That Never Die. With all the best.


  13. On the blogs I follow, since some people don’t write daily, I don’t have much problem unless am away that’s when I get my reader has so many new posts which I may just read a few.
    Responding to comments, I do that mostly at end of day when am at home from work. I make a point to visit the blogs of those who like my posts even if they are just one time visitors.

    1. Thank you sharing, ‘Maasaiboys’ 🙂

      I used to discipline myself to visit every blogger who ticks a “Like” but can’t keep up – not anymore – Now, it gets somewhat patchy.

      Peace and blessings Bro,

  14. Thanks for the heads up, Eric, as I do look forward to your posts … the mental calisthenics they ignite, the self-discovery, or perhaps just simply the camaraderie which fellow-bloggers and I have been enjoying so much through your blog.

    Peace and blessings,

  15. I stand amazed at the way you have organized your time to reply to everyone in the past. You do need to have some time to do the creative things you are so well known for too.

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