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Good morning, everybody 🙂

Got up this morning and decided I’ll do something for ChristyB blogging as Poetic Parfait. It’s small perhaps, but my little bit.

For those of you who don’t know, Christy Birmingham recently released her anthology of poems, Pathways to Illumination.

Now, to be candid, I’m not really into poetry but do dabble with some haiku now and then. I’ve even written stuff that passes off as poetry. However, I’ve always enjoyed ChristyB’s poems which she posts on her blog, Poetic Parfait.

I thought, (yes, sometimes I do that) some of the regular visitors to my blog might love her poems. Therefore, I decided to do my part (and not just because she’s a friend) but because she deserves recognition for her talents.

This is not a review, for I don’t have what it takes to do justice to her work. However, I’ve read several wonderful and heartfelt reviews on her blog.

Click on the image below and it’ll take you to her blog where you get to read a marvellous review by accomplished poet Julie Catherine, who gave a 5-star rating. I found that truly beautiful of Julie and well deserving of ChristyB.

ChristB Book Cover

I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing ChristyB all the very best.

Oh, while you’re at it and if you’re into poetry – do buy her book. Click on the book cover above 🙂




Have a great week ahead 🙂