Had an extra dose of my cynicism pills today.

Its Not Personal

Fat Cat: “Starvation or war – it’s the same end result.”

Political Pisshead: “We can’t go around spreading wars.”

Spin Doctor: “Hell, not war, but human rights.”

Fat Cat: “It’s not personal, PP, it’s business.”


Have a great week ahead, everyone 🙂



    1. Back then, I sent it to Bush junior – he needed help with reading because he held the book upside down – did not even know which was the right side up.

      I fear it would be wasted on Obama too.

  1. Bread & Circuses,
    Bulging pockets

    GMOs for the destitute,
    Death by corn syrup

    The myriad of maniacal machinations implemented by the banksters, big agra, big pharma, and the utter corrupt nature of many politicians only fuels the demise of the poor and the planet.

    Eugenics is alive and well, even after 53 years since Kissinger made this despicable comment: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

    Look at the complete decimation of entire cultures and food chains at the hands of companies like Monsanto and DuPont,and by many other heinous and deceitful corporations.

    And why, pray tell, does the Svalbard Global Seed Vault even exist? Do the insidious and contemptible power elite know something the common man does not? Is the plan of world starvation and mass die-offs already cast?

    Far too many folk plunge headlong into their microcosmic daily existence without realizing (or realizing but not caring) how manipulated they have become.

    As poignant as Eric Blair was with 1984, Huxley’s new world has become a reality.

    Thank you, Mr. Alagan, for your words. And it’s not cynicism at all; your censorious poem resonates, and more of the masses should heed its message.

    Take care, my friend!

    1. Wow!

      Dear Paul,

      You never fail to come through with well thought out comments – very comprehensive, rings with much truth and informative. I know that many countries hold seed vaults and there is a large one somewhere in Scandnavia but could not recall the name. Yes, Svalbard Global Seed Vault, it is. I will certainly be looking this up – many thanks for highlighting.

      Very true, far too many decent folks are distracted by the challenges of daily living – and that is the greatest weapon wielded by the Hidden Hands Driven by Twisted Minds and Black Hearts.

      But many see those who wave red flags as that hobo with a cardboard sign that says “Repent, for the End is near!”

      Cynicism by itself is not always negative as quite often the underlying base hinges on some ill in society.

      Thank you and all good wishes, my friend,

  2. ‘But of course, we need to make it palatable – and there are enough religious and racial idiots. All they need is a nod or a wink from us’

    How right you are Eric. If only these idiots will realize that they are being spun.

    1. True and with some major differences.

      Back then, leaders who declared war led from the front. Now they beat their chest. “Bring it on” they say, and stay safely hidden in deep underground bunkers. Cowardly rats, I say. You might want to read my previous post on this > http://wp.me/p1YE83-mg

      So was starvation, true – but now we are advanced – so, they say. Back then people starved for want – now they starve for lack of will power by the powers who can do something about eradicating it.

  3. I see it as the wielding of power and money, religion, goverment are all tools of this power. The mis-use of power begets destruction. I hold faith that man will learn not to be a tool, but an instrument of love and kindness.

    1. Hello Jane dear,

      Corruption is much more than mere 10% commissions slipped under the table. Most of these people in power are corrupt – no matter what the instituition – corrupt in the truest sense of that word, I reckon.

      But like you, I have faith – matters will change – weeding is not too far off.

      Peace and blessings,

  4. I “love” the part where politicians start a war and cause much destitute, then other politicians use their own taxpayers money to donate to the overseas destitute and show the world their “state of wealth” and “generosity.” Sounds like a scam job.

    1. Well, Jasey

      It would not be so bad if the politcians did what you say they do – but generally, they don’t. But I get what you mean – all that ‘aid’ that rich nations hand out with multiple strings attached – yes, some aid, huh?

      Luv and hugz,

    1. Yes, Janna dear – it is ultimately the personal ‘gain’ of the few at the terrible expense of the many.

      And when the few finally turn up with their truckloads of ‘wealth’ —– 🙂

  5. Great poem, Eric, though very sad and true and I somehow feel what’s going on is just as personal as it is business. Thus, the root of all evil is money. Is there hope for positive changes in our future? I always like to hold onto hope, but when it comes to our world issues, wars, fighting, ongoing deaths, starvation, etc…it’s so very hard to see the light…

    1. Yes, I have faith and hope for the future.

      As everything else, we’ll reach a tip point. Then, the vast majority of people (who are all decent folks) will be moved to shake off their lethargy and effect change.

      My take is a controversial one (and seemingly contradicts what I state in the paragraph preceding this) – that we need to stop deluding ourselves that governments, mainstream religions and other current man made institutions will rise to the occasion to put matters right. No, that will not happen due to the shear weight of vested interests.

      But there will be sea changes —-

      Of this, I have faith.

      Peace my dear,

    1. Like the Fat Cat said – slim profits in feeding the poor.

      Yet, these are the same people who grace glossy magazine covers – and held up as role models!

      We can all do our part, no matter how small. For example, some years ago, American-British Tobacco in Singapore offered my daughter a job – which she turned down. She will never work for someone whose product kills people!

  6. In Britain right now, there is a feeling that we are in a class war, less obviously bloody, but all the same, people’s lives are being seriously damaged.

    We have proof that politicians, especially IDS, have not just manipulated statistics, they have downright lied. They continually paint poorer citizens as scroungers, workshy and lazy. They’re trying to convince everyone that the poor deserve to be poor, and that they shouldn’t be entitled to any kind of assistance.

    Of course, these are the kind of people who would claim hard work is the only factor in success, after they’ve sent their offspring to Eton in the same way they were sent off when they were young.

    It is continually the most vulnerable who are affected by budget cuts, mental health services being a good example, while they give tax cuts to businesses whose owners we know are good personal friends with the politicians.

    1. What you say about Eton resonates for me – because we face the same problem here in Singapore. At least, now it is publicly addressed by Govt.

      The alumni of ‘brand name’ schools have a closed door policy – admitting only their children. After five decades of independence, this has led to a distinct and arrogant class in Singapore. Mind you, these schools receive public tax payers’ money.

      Last week, Govt announced that every year 40 places will be reserved for children without ‘connections’ to these schools. Right – but let’s hope that 40 don’t end up in a ‘pariah’ class and treated as such!

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