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The first Monday of the Month – Blog Pick Day 🙂

Let the drums roll, the cymbals clash, the trumpets blare!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Blog Pick for September

Madhu blogging as The Urge to Wander

 🙂  Applause! Applause! And more Applause!  🙂

Madhu_Blog Pick Sep_2013

Madhu is an interior designer and passionate traveler. She posts photographs of her extensive travels and accompanies her galleries with well-researched and crafted essays and notes. I love especially the historical snippets that accompany the many sites and sights.

I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, her name Madhu alludes to sublime intoxication. Very apt, I reckon. It’s a delight to visit her blog – and you should too.

Many blogs focus on photography and travels. However, Madhu’s posts have a certain charm and allure. Everytime, it is as if I’m embarking on a virtual journey as she guides us gently through the images and her voice soft and unintrusive.

Her write-ups are not lengthy – something that many don’t have time for – but calibrated to entertain, educate and enthrall without crossing over to Yawndom.

Pictures_Madhu_Sep 2013

I’m not always the first person to visit, read or comment on her latest posts but I always set time aside to visit her blog, at least once or twice a week. I’ve travelled extensively but mostly on business. How much I’ve missed. Now, thanks to Madhu, I’m catching up with sights I overlooked or simply did not have the time for.

While you plan for your next travel, why not pop over and garner some ideas. Join the thousands of her regular ‘followers’. Visit Madhu blogging as The Urge to Wander.

Thank you, Madhu my dear, for sharing your travels and tales.


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Wishing All a Great Week ahead