1. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for the kind words and I, in turn, always like to reciprocate and give a little attention to your excellent site. In fact, I just posted a blog yesterday, prompted by your comment above, about having stopped by to find nothing new. I needed to hear that. So thank you, my friend.

    All good tidings to you, dear friend, and may calm and happiness envelop you.

    Take care,
    a grateful pal, Paul 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Dear Eric,

    A lovely addition to your oeuvre, and your haiku certainly resonates. I could not resist, and here is my attempt:

    Echoes of the Heart

    Sonorous pulses
    Wail deep within riven veins
    Palpable tears well.

    Yours, however, is not so bleak. Always a hint of light trembles near crevices cloven by Melancholia. Always a pleasure, dear friend to read your words.

    Warm wishes,

    1. Dear Paul,

      Hope all is well. I drop by your blog at least once a week but notice no new posts. I suppose the house and job(s) is keeping you out of ‘trouble’ 🙂 Shall drop again soon.

      Love your haiku – a little bleak as you say. I write about dark matters too – but more because I love Light and therefore do not shun the Dark. Hope this made sense. ‘riven veins’ – nice.

      Whenever you visit, you’re always so generous with your time and contributions – my readers and I are blessed.

      Keep well my friend and all good thoughts keep you company,

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