1. Yes, wrongs leave so much burden on the heart. Hope and good works have a way of healing the cracks caused by these wrongs.

    Great haiku, Eric.

  2. …each wrong rents a little crack – thank you for the help-the inspiration- to traverse the wrinkles on the face, to rethink the meaning of the bald pate and to discover the King being the molar

    1. Hello Tomas,

      Your first comment here and thank you. Welcome aboard 🙂

      You covered some ground here – and in one breath too. Nice.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Yes, I need to remind myself that the world needs more positivity – because I tend to write on darker themes. Glad you welcomed it.

      All good wishes,

  3. Wish it is true physically also, so we need not be subject to the mercy of our infamous heart surgeons and pay through our nose, if we can afford. Just fill the crack with light and there is hope.
    Have a great Friday, Eric. Cheers.

    1. Oh, took some cynicism pills, Jasey dear 🙂

      Nothing wrong with our doctors but our Govt can do a lot better in managing our medical savings – money that belongs to us.

      Yes, every broken heart has the potential to be filled with light and love.

      Big hugz and hope you have a great weekend,

  4. With every beat of the heart, there is hope, and in hope, there is faith, even if so small a seed like that of the mustard seed, there can be change. 🙂

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