Had an extra dose of my cynicism pills today.

Its Not Personal

Fat Cat: “Starvation or war – it’s the same end result.”

Political Pisshead: “We can’t go around spreading wars.”

Spin Doctor: “Hell, not war, but human rights.”

Fat Cat: “It’s not personal, PP, it’s business.”


Have a great week ahead, everyone 🙂



    1. Thank you, Val dear – it is sad.

      Some time ago, a woman actually wrote to the local newspapers which found fit to publish her letter. She lamented that the perforations on the toilet roll were misaligned – causing excessive wastage.

      Now, that was an issue worth taking up space in a national newspaper!

  1. Heavy irony on the title – you really did overdose on the cynicism pills today! 😉 Sad and true little poem here. I am amazed at the kind of things I hear people say about the poor, and yet you’re right, they have no problem with their tax dollars supporting war efforts. 🙁

    1. Hello Racheal,

      TV images show youths throwing rocks and burning vehicles – and many people can’t discern the strings manipulated by puppet masters.

      People hear an idiotic mullah cry ‘jihad’ – but most don’t see the cynical hands lurking in the shadows.

      Politcians spew pious platitudes on human rights – and yet, how else will the military-industrial beast grow if not for wars.

      The world produces enough to feed the world – but the grains rot in warehouses because ‘experts’ claim it cost more to “tranpsort” the food grain to the poor —

      The list goes on —-

      An overdose, all right 🙁

  2. an aweful and disgusting truth Eric! But this side of the reality is always hidden away by the hypocrites. Business has the life and lives become…countless deaths don’t add any woe nor any births,what matters is the power and the money that is being grabbed..

    1. Yes, Soumya, it is all about wealth and power for personal gain instead of the greater good – at an individual level (amongst people) right up to national levels (amongst nations).

      Haven’t seen you here lately – hope all is well.


    1. Thank you Susan,

      I think that’s the phrase – global power mongering – appropriate.

      P/s I saw the photos today – the ‘boys’ are up and about

  3. This is a sad truth that has dwelt with mankind. I often wonder what those, who encourage wars here and there, gain from the deaths of other people?

      1. You’d better be quick, Maxy baby’s almost ready for the cot – he’s had a big day. And the Roger was confiscated – in the interests of public safety, of course. Still, it’s just a needle in the haystack really. If only all the weapons of mass destruction could be confiscated, ey?

  4. If only morality was worth its weight in gold…
    Cynical for sure but if you’re a news junkie that’s unavoidable. Have a good week and try to : )

    1. Precisely –

      Weapons pile up, obsolete? No worries.
      Need more oil? No worries.
      Distract from domestic issues? No worries.
      Create jobs? No worries.

      But of course, we need to make it palatable – and there are enough religious and racial idiots. All they need is a nod or a wink from us

  5. Hello Eric,

    I come across this saying a lot … “it’s not personal” … here are my two cents..

    The lamentable fact is that “money talks”, in politics and in the business world, and the pursuits of both enterprises are geared towards the economics of profit maximization. As such, the non-pecuniary “social good” is often back-burnered or relegated to the lower-priority rungs of the social agenda ladder. But is this really good politics, good business? In the end, the neglected festering social problems may be the roosters that come home to roost. What is “not personal” will be just that — the non-fulfillment of the goals of a well-functioning, humane, personal society in the interest of enriching a few pockets.


    1. Hell Dee,

      Your comment is certainly worth much more than a couple of cents, I assure you.

      Perhaps, I was too harsh. There are politicians (a definite minority) who mean well and work hard to do right of the responsibility given them. But as for the vast majoirty of the politcians – I would love to collect them all in a supertanker and scuttle it – if not for the poor marine lives. When I say “politicians” these are not merely the ones who spew from the podiums. The ones who cry from the minarets or pulpits are no less “political”, I reckon.

      And you are so right – gangrenous social problems will ultimately kill the societal host.

      Peace my dear,

    1. Hmmm, you’re probably right.

      Brothers Grinn are due this Friday – I can handle those fellas only once a fortnight – and even that is too much 🙂

  6. My dad, a farmer, said this repeatedly. However, profit per se does not usually start a war. Ethnic and religious hatred cause most wars. Look at where people are fighting now.

    1. Juliana,

      The spin doctors are so good that many decent folks have difficulty discerning what sparks conflagration and what keeps the flames stoked.

      Thank you for your opinion – I respect it.


  7. Everything’s business. 🙂
    Just like Michael Corleone says in Godfather ‘You want to do business with me? I will do business with you.’ 🙂

      1. I understand. It is also common knowledge that most countries are run by business tycoons than the elected governments… democracy or autocracy! 😛

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