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Since I started blogging, I became acquainted with people from all over the word – 146 countries, to be exact. It has been and continues to be a pleasure reading many wonderful blogs. I’ve come to know people as best as is possible within the limitations of a platform such as WordPress.

My regular visitors are aware of my Monthly Blog Pick where I highlight blogs and personalities who impressed with the consistent quality of their posts. Actually, there are so many enthralling blogs, but as I present only one blog a month – the queue (in no order of merit, I hasten to add) continues to grow.

I was therefore struck dumb – but true to my impersonation as a writer, only momentarily, if I might add – when Eva, thejerseygal, blogging as gabrielsfury – did a take on me. Wow!

I’ve ‘known’ Eva for more than 18 months, almost since I first started blogging in end 2011. She is a sweet soul brimming with emotions, love and sometimes, hurt. She has endured some very traumatic and heart wrenching life events and continues to be buffeted by soulless people who seem to take some devilish pleasure in tormenting her. Obviously, these people have not walked in Light.

I do encourage you to visit gabrielsfury, read and relish her poems. It is amazing that one who has been so badly betrayed, continues to shine light on her friends. It is my honour to be considered her friend.

Eva, dearest, I love you for what you are and respect you for how you hold your head high.



  1. Oh! That’s wonderful that Eva took the time to do that fiction write-up about you! You deserve all the attention, Eric, as you are an incredible writer. I am so happy I found your blog.

    1. Hello ChristyB,

      I know you’ve several great friends in Blogsville and witnessed how supportive they have been. Yes, it is lovely to have people step up and do/say nice things about us. And quite often, we go – Wow! What did I do? Do I really deserve this generosity? – And the best way to thank them is to accept their kind words with graciousness and pass it on. What Eva has given me is not for me to keep – but to pass it on. I do and shall continue to. The world, as we know, needs all the love it can get and more.

      Thank you for your ever kind words ChristyB and for your presence here. I’m glad to have found your blog too, my dear – and am so very happy for all the lovely reviews you’ve been receiving for your anthology of poems.

      Peace and blessings,

      1. Dear Eric, dear soul!
        Thank-you for your kind comment back and I cherish the words of support you offer me.
        As we start this new week, I send you many blessings and wish you the happy days that you deserve.
        Love Christy

  2. I should’ve given you a heads up and said it is not one of ‘those’ stories. Originally, I had a story outlined that goes that way, but Eric, I think you are far too classy for that. So, I kept it simple and left out the “hole in one.” Hehe

    1. Yes, Eva dearest – I was wondering whether this was one of ‘those’ stories 🙂 But, I also told myself, as I was reading – No, Eva knows me. She knows I can handle reads privately but not on Written Words which is purportedly family friendly.

      Yes, many on campus did not play golf but some did regale us ‘nerds’ about their scores 🙂

      Peace, luv and hugz,

  3. The Brothers’ Birdie

    Robin worked her way through the pricey university by dancing at the Golf Avenue Gentleman’s Club on weekends. A pretty girl, with a nice frame, and expressive eyes, most men merely showed up at the club to chat with her, check up on her, and seemingly do the loyal friend thing. She didn’t mind, as she saw some of the other dancers get groped, pushed, pulled, and roughed up by aggressive jerks very often.

    One warm, sticky evening, she was dancing slowly on the stage, moving her hips in stride as her hands traced the outline of her body, when she spotted two guys lost in a game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. So, at the end of her dance, she quickly changed into her low-cut top and short shorts, and approached the guys who were seated at a small round table in the far corner. When they looked at her, the pain on one of the guy’s faces, and the sound of laughter coming from the other, stopped. There, standing before them, was Robin, and the guys immediately stood up to clumsily introduce themselves before she could say a word. As it turned out, they were brothers with a quirky, competitive, “Don’t be silly, Mom likes me best!” rapport. They even fought to pull a chair out for her to sit. Robin knew, she’d giggle all night if they stuck around.

    “What brings you here this evening?” Robin asked the brothers as they nervously tried not to look at the little peek of cleavage she had showing. She noticed how the brothers grinned as she leaned towards them, and knew she was about to make two new friends.

    “We should be truthful, brother.”
    “We should not tell lies, brother.”
    “That’s what I said, brother.”
    “That’s the truth, brother.”
    “We were looking for a new club for golf, brother.”
    “We were not looking for a nude club on Golf Avenue, brother.”

    Robin sensed the brothers’ degree of uncomfortableness and sat up straight in her seat, so her cleavage wouldn’t distract them any further. She figured the directions to whatever they were looking for had been wrong. Often, Siri, the voice of her iPhone, screwed up big time.

    As the evening progressed, Robin found that the brothers had a shared humor laced with sparks of intellect. She thought maybe their words would delight tea drinkers, but quickly digressed when she remembered tea drinkers could be a bit stuffy.

    “Guys, your tab, I’ll cover it tonight. It was a delight to meet you. I wore a big grin all night, thanks.”

    “A penny saved is a new friend revealed, brother.”
    “A penny saved is a cheapskate revealed, brother.”
    “We should pay the tab then, brother.”
    “We should thank Robin for improving our golf game, brother.”
    “We made a birdie, brother.”
    “We met a birdie, brother.”

    Robin giggled as they hugged her goodbye after paying their tab and leaving her a generous tip.

    “See you again, Birdie.”
    “She’s better than golf, brother.”
    “She’s our birdie, brother.”
    “She’s Robin, better than golf, brother.”
    “You said that, brother.”
    “I said it again, brother.”

    1. Hello Eva dearest,

      Please pardon me for not having replied sooner. I gave a ‘talk’ to a business gathering on Friday night and spent most of Saturday following up with the attendees and other admin stuff. It has been quite intense preparing for the talk and mentally exhausting too. I needed a small breather.

      This is a wonderful story, told mostly in dialogue. Not easy to pull it off. Two thoughts crept up. The first and obvious – oh, oh, where is Eva taking us with this – another one of her “juicy” write-ups 🙂 The second was, why do women wear low-cuts and then, get annoyed if men stared. Why the tease, I’ve always wondered.

      Birdie is an apt name for this flash fiction. Actually, back in the 1970s, there was a girl on campus who quickly acquired the nickname “Birdie” and at eighteen years old, not many of us indulged in golf 🙂

      Luv and hugz,

      1. I hope you’ve recuperated from the talk you gave. I bet even in that, you kept everyone engaged.
        I tried to make Robin not so slutty, and just a girl trying to pay down her schooling expenses. The low cut top, I figured by having her back off from revealing too much like that, especially after coming off the stage, would show that Robin was safe around The Brothers, by how they didn’t grope her at all. They are, after all, your creations, and so they are true gentleman.
        Women who show too much cleavage and then get angry at men for looking are idiots. You are what you wear and if you wear slutty attire, deal with the treatment.
        Big hugs

  4. Shine on, my good friend, Eric. Your writings continue to inspire me and am glad to read similar comments that hold you in high esteem.

  5. Eric,
    I am flattered that you reblogged my story, The Fiction Box. While it doesn’t do you justice, you are the quintessential writer here on WordPress and I thought my story was a cute little salute to you.
    I am honored to be your friend. I blog here and look forward to reading what you so brilliantly created and shared with us. I also love reading your thoughts on my stuff and your own. I am sending you every hug in the world!
    With love,

    1. Well, Eva dear,

      I’ve been wanting to reblog but had several things on my plate and it took me some time to get around to doing it. Sorry. I wanted all my blogging friends to know what a lovely soul you are and how generously you treat your friends.

      All good wishes keep you company. Much luv and hugz to you,

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