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A small note – in keeping with the theme, ‘faith’ in this context is much more than ‘faith’ as in religion.


What is your take on this?

Share with me, with us – it lightens the — journey




  1. So well put, Eric. Journey and Destination: Faith is the vehicle at our disposal to reach our desired destination, ideally, our pursuit of Truth, that Something we can stake our lives upon. But it (Faith) requires just about everything from us in order to operate it — our minds, our will, our emotions, even physically. Faith requires knowledge and self-control to maneuver it, and a strong confidence in expected outcomes.

    1. Faith is all that you say, Dee, very well articulated. And the pursuit of Truth – yes, something we can stake our lives on – lives as in a very broad sense.

      All peace and good wishes ahead,

  2. Forever true. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone sought the truth, and lived by faith. There would be fewer who would find disappointment.

  3. faith does keep all going but it can also take control over a person for good or ill. truth give me every time then i have the right to choose for myself and live with the consequences, i live with my decisions happily if based on truth.

  4. For me, faith is the answer to subtle concepts or situations that we, for one reason or the other (religion inclusive) want to hold on to. Truth consolidates and casts away all doubts.

    Nice one, Eric.

  5. It is the truth of one’s faith, whatever that might be, that acknowledge we should move forth to bring our world closer instead of apart. Faith should be the great equalizer .

  6. Yes, thought provoking indeed my lovely buddy. Live your own truth with personal responsibility and hold the faith in your heart, with love for yourself and others, that all is well and meant to be. Xxx biggest hugs for you,

    1. Very well put, Jane dear – how can anyone disagree with this comment from the well spring of life experience.

      Luv and hugz coming your way,

  7. Faith in ourselves and mankind spell out the many words of our journey through life; truth and destination are only the full stop at the end of the senrence.

    1. Truth and destination as a period to our life (sentence of life).

      Interesting thought, Mike – appreciate your contribution.

      All good wishes,

  8. Eric, your truth and faith haiku eclipsed my Monday and Tuesday has been so busy that I’ve been unable to write.

    It is an interesting juxtaposition (and obviously with 61 comments you got a lot of us thinking). I put truth as something which we may well seek but which is buried in the past as the future hasn’t happened, so I wonder how it is a destination unless that moment when it passes through the present we can see its accuracy. Faith keeps all of us going (even it is merely the belief that the sun won’t explode in the near future) as it is belief in the future which is unverified until it passes through the present into the past where it may become a truth. So is Faith part of the journey or a definition of the destination along with truth?

    Phew this excursion into the mysteries is exhausting – I thank you!

    1. No worries dear Jane,

      Always happy to have you drop by at your convenience. Trust life has found some equilibrium now 🙂

      Yes, I am blessed to have so many thoughtful comments and I treasure them all.

      Your comment intrigues – truth is the past and not the destination. I can appreciate where this distinction applies – yes, there is much to be explored in this regards. You’ve revealed a new facet, Jane. Thank you.

      “…is Faith part of the journey or a definition of the destination along with truth?” – Now, you got me tangled a little. Hmmmm, this can be mentally exhausting, I agree 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Yes, ChristyB

      All religions hinge on faith but not all faiths are anchored to religion, I reckon. I too subscribe that ‘faith’ is what keeps us going.

      Peace and blessings,

    1. Hello Celestine,

      Yes, I too am a firm believer that we all have tasks to accomplish and lessons to learn on this earth. ‘Tasks’ and ‘lessons’ sound onerous but there are pleasant as well as less pleasant ones.


  9. I’m still trying to figure out if because I hope for the best, does that mean I have faith? Faith, not just the religious kind, has never been my strong point. How closely related are hope and faith?
    I have hope that karma’s a bitch…and someday finding that statement to be true would be awesome!

    1. LOL – karma is a b##### 🙂

      Well, I’m inclined to believe that ‘karma’ is just as misunderstood as ‘reincarnation’ – In a few episodes down the weeks, you’ll read in Fallen Grace my take on ‘karma’

      Yes, faith and hope are in the same family – the former quite intense and the latter milder, and could even get away with being frivolous at times.

      Much luv and hugz coming your way, dear.

  10. In the story I am trying to write, Sofia knows the truth. Sadly she has fallen and has lost her faith. She spends eternity searching for her faith, proving to me that truth is naught without faith and faith is naught without out faith.

    1. Hello Willow dear,

      Yes, Faith and Truth do feed from one another, I reckon too.

      All good wishes for the story spun around Sofia.

      Have a great week ahead,

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