Thinker, Parrot, Seeker or Wise —

Notice how the yin and the yang curl and embrace.


Is it a coin or a sphere?

Two sides or — No sides

Perfect Balance
You cannot tilt a sphere – or, can you?

Some dead guy said, there are two sides to everything. Really? Only two?

Share your views please, but do not put down the views of others.


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  1. Thank you for sharing about balance. Balance is about now, not some day later. I can really see this through my recovery with spinal injury. Your posts really add perspective.

    Your friend,

    1. I’m so very glad that this post spoke to you, Lucas. And thank you for this, your first comment on my blog – appreciate this. Trust and hope that all is well/getting better with your recovery. A spinal injury sounds scary.

      All good blessings keep you company,

  2. I believe there are always many sides, and all side are true from that point of view. What needs to happen is a merging of views for the truth to be revealed.

  3. A good concept, at least. Do you think it possible in a relationship (marital or not) for two people to form such a perfect sphere, without one being submissive, and the other being dominant, or controlling? 🙂

    1. Hello Joyce,

      Yes, I reckon it is possible. But many man-made institutions (key word “man” made) tend to convey a male superior approach. This is propagated through beliefs, laws and common practice.


  4. A perfect balance: I picture it as two sides. Good and bad. Gravity and weightlessness. Action and reaction. Love and hate. The list is endless. However, these opposing forces are in a constant battle, which seems to create an interesting balance. A rare outcome.

  5. The yin and the yang look like two fish in love.
    Complete balance is not possible in one person. I am who I am, and that is with pieces missing, other pieces in excess, limping along with my weaknesses and with strengths.
    I find the idea of balance of things in this symbol an appealing idea except in one place: good and evil. Do we want a balance between the two? I don’t. Do we believe that evil is necessary to the existence of good? I can’t. Nor does beauty require ugliness. Nor does joy require despair. It seems to me not enough that these opposites be brought into balance.
    OK, so much for my philosophizing. As a mathematician, the metaphor of the sphere does not appeal to me, perhaps because of the peculiar way I have learned to think about such things. Knowledge both opens new vistas and closes others. Again, a lack of balance inherent in being human.
    Thanks for the post. It is always good to stop by here when life allows.

    1. To be able to recognise good without evil, beauty without ugliness — that’s a gift, indeed, I reckon.

      Or, perhaps someone living on a deserted island from the age of two might be better able to advise us.

      It’s always good to have you here, too, Carroll.


  6. Loved your poem, Eric, and I think there are more than 2 sides, so many different opinions floating around us, which is good. It would be wonderful, though, if “perfect acceptance” did exist in our world. I must have “calm” on the brain! 🙂 Happy weekend, my friend.

    1. Two water drops – now, that’s a unique view. Thank you, Clinton.

      Did the dead guy say it before he died – I don’t know, because he died before I was born 🙂

  7. Some things (like a coin) have two sides, but other things (like a story) have as many sides as there are witnesses. As for tilting a sphere, I have no idea on that one 🙂

  8. “Perfect balance comes from a perfect sphere” Yes indeed, but a perfect sphere does not exist and so those yin and yang views will always teeter. But then, surely everything eventually breaks down into its common denominators and so the opposing views will eventually round off and blend together – maybe in time they may even form the approximation of a perfect sphere – certainly one in which their differences are imperceptible. In most conflicts isn’t this our ultimate desire, and often the deal which time metes out? Or is it?

    1. Hello, Jane,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adding to the contributions.

      “… a perfect sphere does not exist…” – Now, that is an interesting supposition.


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