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The 5th Day of August but also the first Monday of the Month – Blog Pick Day 🙂

With soft drum rolls, quickly picking up tempo, we reach a crescendo and it is time to announce my

Blog Pick for August

Uzoma of Nigeria blogging as 85 Degrees

🙂 Applause! Applause! Applause! 🙂

Uzoma_Blog Pick_Aug 2013

An industrial chemist, Uzo also – shudder – writes.

Engineers, chemists, economists and accountants all writing prose and verse – what is this world coming to?

Uzo’s prose and poems – he also does art – focuses on African society and culture.

I’m following his series “We are not cursed” – fascinating story. Uzo weaves in the deep and rich African/Nigerian tradition and culture, which become prominent ‘characters’ that add depth and authenticity to his stoyline.

Womb of Man_Uzo_Aug 2013

I confess that I don’t know much regarding Africa other than reading of conflicts – from the Mau Mau uprising, Biafra to Rwanda and so forth. But, it is stating the obvious that Africa is much more than geopolitics. It is much more than the business reports and statistics that, as a corporate person, I once devoured. Those who know me, know that I count Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela as one of my three all-time heroes from the public realm. The other two are Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

Thanks to Madiba, many years ago, I took a renewed interest in Africa. And thanks to Uzo, I’m learning – relishing – the softer and richer aspects of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

If you have not read his posts – take a detour for some ample rewards. Check out Uzo blogging as 85 Degrees.

Congratulations Uzo, my friend, and thank you for your captivating posts 😆


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