The 5th Day of August but also the first Monday of the Month – Blog Pick Day 🙂

With soft drum rolls, quickly picking up tempo, we reach a crescendo and it is time to announce my

Blog Pick for August

Uzoma of Nigeria blogging as 85 Degrees

🙂 Applause! Applause! Applause! 🙂

Uzoma_Blog Pick_Aug 2013

An industrial chemist, Uzo also – shudder – writes.

Engineers, chemists, economists and accountants all writing prose and verse – what is this world coming to?

Uzo’s prose and poems – he also does art – focuses on African society and culture.

I’m following his series “We are not cursed” – fascinating story. Uzo weaves in the deep and rich African/Nigerian tradition and culture, which become prominent ‘characters’ that add depth and authenticity to his stoyline.

Womb of Man_Uzo_Aug 2013

I confess that I don’t know much regarding Africa other than reading of conflicts – from the Mau Mau uprising, Biafra to Rwanda and so forth. But, it is stating the obvious that Africa is much more than geopolitics. It is much more than the business reports and statistics that, as a corporate person, I once devoured. Those who know me, know that I count Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela as one of my three all-time heroes from the public realm. The other two are Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

Thanks to Madiba, many years ago, I took a renewed interest in Africa. And thanks to Uzo, I’m learning – relishing – the softer and richer aspects of Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

If you have not read his posts – take a detour for some ample rewards. Check out Uzo blogging as 85 Degrees.

Congratulations Uzo, my friend, and thank you for your captivating posts 😆


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Read Jane Stansfeld’s

The Poltergeist.

Told in a restrained classical style

I simply love it.



  1. Great choice Eric. I recently discovered Uzoma’s blog and loved what I saw. Have been a tad busy since and haven’t had much time to explore his writing. Shall have to remedy that ASAP 🙂

    1. Yes, I noticed your absence and surmised that you had time pressures.

      Yes, please, invest the time in Uzo’s and you’ll be rewarded, as I was/am. I also believe he’ll enjoy your blog – and would love especially how you add such interesting snippets of history to your photo journal.

      All good wishes, my dear Madhu,

    1. That’s great, Joseyphina – all the very best 🙂

      P/s I think my comment on your post Gift of Awards went into spam – yup, after a few weeks, WP is at it again 🙁

  2. Wonderful blog pick, Eric, and again, very nice of you to share with us! I do follow Uzoma, although I can’t keep up with everyone I do follow! But, I will head on over his way soon! Take care! 🙂

    1. Hello, Lauren,

      I have difficulty keeping up with everyone I wish to – therefore, I reduced my daily postings to thrice weekly. This spares me time to read, relish and leave behind (hopefully) thoughtful and encouraging comments.

      All good wishes,

  3. Thanks so much for bringing Uzo to my attention…love the way you offer this great opportunity to us to find new bloggers…and I’ll look into you other mentions as well! Hope you are well…Georgia 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome, Georgia.

      Scroll down the post for a list/links to my previous blog picks.

      Trust you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I do,

      1. Oh I did! I’ve already read and shared Poltergeist! Thanks a once again for pointing out these great blogs! Georgia.

    1. And I hope Uzo discovers your writing gift too — you can’t hide talent, Dee, for seekers will find you 🙂

      I believe you noticed that little cheeky comment – economists 😉 engineers and chemists all writing – Gasp!

      Thank you for your ever presence, my dear.

      🙂 Eric 🙂

    1. Hello and yes, it is an interesting series that Uzo uploads once a week – giving us plenty of time to ‘catch up’. But his standalone posts are also captivating enough to keep one returning 🙂

      All good wishes,

  4. My o my! First off, I want to thank you in my mother tongue “Ndeewo, okwu juru m onu.” And it means: “Thank you so much, I’m speechless.” Eric, it’s an honour to be your blog pick for the month of August. I am extremely happy that your interest in Africa continues to grow and that you’ve found my stories and effort towards promoting some of the cultures in the continent worthwhile and captivating. I can proudly say the same about your blog. I’ve learnt a lot, especially your haikus. Well, every post of yours is like a Christmas gift — a joy to behold.

    1. Thank you for entertaining and enlightening us, Uzo, my friend. It is my pleasure to highlight your blog and well derserved, if I might add.

      We learn from one another – perenial students, we 🙂

      And, true to character, you are kind and profuse regarding my writing.

      All good wishes,

    1. Thank you, Ian,

      As time is so tight, I believe many bloggers would appreciate this sharing. I’m happy to have found Uzo and other bloggers who add to my life and writing.

      You figure high in this list, Ian.

      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Juliana,

      Yes, time is a major constrain and not to be squandered on some blogs/posts. It is my pleasure to highlight bloggers who put out consistently good quality writing.

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Uzo’s posts.

      Don’t forget to check out Jane’s blog, if you can spare the time. The Poltergeist is not her usual genre – but quite extraordinary. Her other short stories are truly remarkable too.

      All good wishes,

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