Thinker, Parrot, Seeker or Wise —

Notice how the yin and the yang curl and embrace.


Is it a coin or a sphere?

Two sides or — No sides

Perfect Balance
You cannot tilt a sphere – or, can you?

Some dead guy said, there are two sides to everything. Really? Only two?

Share your views please, but do not put down the views of others.


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  1. So much conveyed in this powerful little poem…the yin and yang are parts of the truth…and we as mere mortals have only speculated on the truth, and some believe they know it, but whatever it is, I say let it be. There’s comfort in not knowing, sometimes. I think that’s called faith. You got me thinking again! xo

  2. Thought-provoking. I’ve never been satisfied with the balance beam analogy myself: viewpoints exist on a gradient for most things. What I especially love about the yinyang is that it seems to have movement to me. As you’ve said, black flowing into white and white flowing into black. Sometimes we take on our opponents’ positions and vice versa.

    In the world of science, it reminds me most of ocean currents. Warm water currents cutting through the cold and blending with it, and yet somehow not overriding one another. Many species of ocean life depend on this balance for life.

    1. Hello Rachael,

      And yet, we hear pundits spew mindlessly about ‘there are always two sides to a coin’ or words to that effect. It gets worse when sheep go “oooh” and “aaah” – I witness this quite often in business and social circles.

      That analogy about ocean currents says much and in several levels, I reckon. Thank you for bringing this to the fore.

      Have a great weekend,

  3. The best thing about a perfect sphere is no matter what you do to it, or where you put it, it is always in perfect balance. People could learn a lot from a perfect sphere!

    1. There is much truism in this, Juliana.

      Thank you for this sharing as it adds to all the other thoughtful comments here.

      Peace and blessings,

  4. All is in balance, our perception is out as we never see the whole picture. Infinite points coming together to form the sphere infer infinite sides , therefore the sphere cannot be perfect – even in infinity perfection does not exist as all is in a state of becoming … becoming well balanced into well-being. Love, David

    1. These are interesting thoughts, David – “even in infinity, perfection does not exist…” and how “…all is in a state of becoming…”

      Thank you for sharing,

  5. No sides I think 🙂
    Can’t really speak for the universe, but this planet’s yin and yang certainly seems out of kilter at the moment Eric.

  6. Is BALANCE always PERFECT ?? I’m wondering. Can I be equally evil and nice to balance off. Okay, this is being cheeky. What do you expect, this is our national day holiday. Have a happy holiday.

    1. Great thought, my dearest, Jasey.

      I wonder what makes a person ‘equally’ evil and nice? What is the measure? Care to elaborate, because now, I’m perfectly confused 🙂

      Happy National Day – watching the parade this evening?

      Luv and hugz,

  7. The concept of the sphere is perfect, in “reality” things are lumpy. Eric, you’ve taken an eloquent symbol and waxed eloquent upon it.

    1. Compliments, more compliments and many more compliments welcomed – not necessarily in that order 🙂

      But seriously, thank you very much my dear. You’re sweet.

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  8. A sphere consists of the joining of an infinite number of points, hence an infinite number of “sides” in three-dimensional space, and balance is achieved through the smooth, un-jagged, harmonious joining of infinite points to form a unified whole. Indeed as your haiku states, Eric, “perfect balance comes from a perfect sphere”.

    When applied to our daily lives, this is an ideal to work towards, in an imperfect world inhabited by imperfect humans; however, the message of “yin and yang” is compelling.

    Thank you for the ponder, Eric.


    1. This is truly a marvellously enlightening point (pun unintended) – “an infinite number of sides in three dimensional space”. Yes 🙂

      An ideal that in all probability would elude any imperfect world – but as we know, it is the journey that matters. The destination? Well 🙂

      Have a great weekend Dee, and thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts,

  9. A well balanced nature, A well balanced body, not difficult to achieve but we lack the will. the dumping ground this world and our body, we just love mess it seems.
    We are so off the course from any balance and hence the stress this entire world is in.

    1. Some believe that tension sets up vibration, energy —– and life. Perhaps this is true at the cosmic level.

      But you are so very right, Somi dear – at the human level – we are an ouroboros.

      Peace and blessings, my dear,

  10. I like your poem, Eric. The yin and yang remind me that it is a peaceful place when people can be different and yet still embrace each other’s existence. It would be boring if there was no diversity.

  11. Well the earth is tilted on it’s axis as I’ve been told but then it’s not a sphere is it? And it has a wobble as well. I guess it doesn’t qualify for a pure yin and yang and maybe that’s why the world of humans is in such a mess.

    1. That’s right, Ian – though viewed as a sphere, the earth is not – the poles are somewhat flattened too.

      Yin and Yang speak of opposites flowing into and forming a whole – opposites refer to two sides. But Yin and Yang do not speak of ‘opposites’ as generally accepted in modern lexicon – but rather, the constituents that make a whole.

      All good wishes for the weekend,

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