1. May the book of MY life be dog-eared, dog-kissed, loyaldog-loved, with scribbles in all the margins, many sections heavily underlined. The covers are coming off and I bear much mending tape on the book of my life–but what a lot of LIVING it reveals. This is my prayer–thanks for giving me a new mantra to add to my Lenten Collection, dear Eric!

  2. Some of us sketch little pictures in our books and on occasion will spritz the pages with just a touch of perfume, for good measure . . .

    Have loved finding your site, through Jen and her poignant but sad place, which I also love.

    1. Hello Katharine – lovely to have you visit. Yes, Jen’s blog posts are often riveting. She is a great gal 🙂

      My love’s natural fragrance
      I give myself to its allure
      The tenets of my remembrance
      Anchor heavenly amour

      A touch of your natural perfume, is there any better truism…

      All good wishes, Eric 🙂

  3. True words Eric, reminds me of the saying “I can read you like a book”. By the way I just dug 3 of your comments out of the spam filter and marked them as not being spam but they are still not showing up. WordPress does some weird things at times. Appreciate your reading my poetry in any case and will keep an eye on the spam catcher for any more that get buried.

    1. Thank you Dennis for your visit and comment.

      No worries about that spam issue – WP can be evil in some ways…

      Just so you know, I enjoy your poems > they come across as deceptively light, peel away the wrapping and they pack a punch!

  4. I wrote a poem the other day ‘Same Old Love Story’ and the idea of the love I have for some guy is like a book in my mind…so this poem of yours, that we each are born with and must fill up the pages of our books makes sense to me…your poem discusses a book: the book of life, I just wrote about the book of one of the love’s of my life. You have an amazing talent, Eric.

      1. :). Eric if you don’t mind can I use this poem of yours in the about me section of my blog and fb page? Ofcoarse crediting the writer too, by mentioning your name with it. Thanks. :).

      2. Your request humbles me so
        Yes, please take these words
        Drawn freely from the Source
        Now, yours as much as mine

        All good wishes, Eric 🙂

  5. Why would I be here if it wasn’t to write a book (and to keep the pages in my book clean of course!). OK, never my words but a book anyway. 😉
    Well said, dear Eric.
    Love and hugs , Steph

    PS (you see I wrote those too) I noticed Fia called you Universal. Why didn’t I think of that first? 😆

    1. Yes indeed my dear dear Steph – Universal – why did you not think of that 🙂

      Your book is filled with love and generosity, I am sure…can I copy some pages 🙂

  6. Those returned pristine and clean is either too good to be true or did not do anything… ha..ha.. an eventful book is still more interesting and fulfilling. Silly, heroic, shameful, disappointing, thrilling, joyful, etc., they are all our experiences and knowledge we accumulated. Hope the end comes with a big bang that the living ones may remember you by.

    1. When we review our lives, many would learn from their failures and successes…the ones with blank pages would know how they lived their lives.

      Our words, actions and thoughts will forever form part of the cosmos, I reckon

  7. I so enjoy synchronicities. I thought tonight that perhaps being a scribe is my role. I felt compelled to look up a meaning of a scribe, which took me way back in history to scribes in Egypt and other places. And then I clicked on my email notification about your post, and voilà, it is about being a scribe. Love it. Helena

  8. Eric you are such a wonderful blogger, and it was so wonderful to be part of your community. Yeah, every one of us has a book in us i think, only thing is that we never have the courage to pen it down. 🙂

    1. Hello Jigme,

      Long time ‘no see’ – welcome back 🙂

      Yes, but with this book, we have no choice as it writes as we live. As the great Persian poet, Omar Khayyam, said – the finger writs and once written it moves on…

      Peace, Eric

  9. we all hav a book to write.. true 🙂
    a book of our immortal memories, stacked together just to flip back every now and than.

    Awesome thought !!!

    1. …and when we flip back the pages, what sorrows, joys and perhaps even shames they would reveal…

      The unique feature about writing this book – no writer’s block 🙂

  10. You know I once read an article that spoke against keeping diaries, because the author argued that (women esp.) would detail only their tumultuous, tragic events and when they had a happy event they would be too involved in enjoying it and not want to write it down…hence when flipping back they are left with tear-stained, pain-stricken entries only…and would become convinced that they had only tragedy-filled lives…

    but as you have written and we know that life is made up of joys and tears
    oddly enough i stumbled upon this blog post right before reading your poem,
    and thought I would share:


    please excuse the hijacking of your comment thread with this lengthy post.
    Take care =)

    1. Hello Que,

      We are entitled to our opinions of course, however, I wonder whether that author should compartmentalise people. We are individuals and each, unique.

      Peace, Eric

    1. Congratulations Fia. This award is apt for your blog – abundantly inspiring. I am very proud to know you and especially loved that post about how you work to support your sisters in their education…what a candle you are, my dear.

      And yes, Step is a sweetie – we need to spread more love in this world and she is an activist in this regards.

      Thank you for passing this award to me. I am sinfully behind but will get round to posting it.

      Universal – Steph, if you’re reading this – it is all your fault 🙂

      Luv and hugz, Eric

      1. Haha, yeah right. Steph is indeed an activist on this matter! Well, you deserved it too Eric.

        Thank you for always appreciating my post! 🙂

  11. Very thought provoking and odd. I am working on something that lends to the same train of thought. This helps me with ideas of my own. Thank you.

    1. Uggh! So very true…

      There are some pages of my life, I am too embarrassed to revisit – so now, I try to write more pages. Hopefully these outnumber the ‘bad’ pages 🙂

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