Nature continues to lead and teach…

I posted this in response to a comment to my post DRAMA

Someone I “met” recently in Blogsville, Queridaj, requested that I post this comment as a poem. 



  1. So pleased you learn from nature, as I do myself almost every hour of every day (even when asleep, I find!). Yes, our Creator does bless us with a warddrobe containing many items with which to present ourselves to the world, with which to engage others in love and laughter and peace and goodwill and service.

    1. Very well said – a wardrobe, each piece fit for a particular situation, a particular person – how versatile we are, all actors on His stage…and how well He has cast us in the roles written for us.

    1. Thank you Ian. Just returned from church and saw your wonderful comment.

      One of my ‘regulars’ – Jasey – ribs me in a nice way that all my posts require ‘deep’ thinking…

      I sincerely believe that most people (yes, the vast majority) are highly gifted (when one considers the many forms of gifts) and even wise – I love dropping a pebble and seeing their thoughts and interpretations flutter out. What life lessons…for all of us students.

      I will be going off line soon, to enjoy a nice bottle of chardonnay with Lisa 🙂

  2. Eric, Thank you for re-posting this comment as a poem =) I just thought that all your readers should have a chance to appreciate the good intention/meaning in this poem that you have illustrated so uniquely with the use of the chameleon.

    Take care,

    1. Very true Jeannie,

      As I love my neighbour, I will strive to make it better for him/her/it – and if all did the same – what an everlasting cycle of love we’ll trigger 🙂

      Wish you a lovely weekend, Eric

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