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When I posted my poem TITANIC, it triggered several readers to post their responses in haiku format. It was spontaneous and captivated me – the talent out there is remarkable.

Not everyone reads the Comments, so I decided to make a post of their haiku – with due copyright credits, of course

You might want to pay them a visit and perhaps find something of interest to you.

Janine blogging as Fairytale Fallacies started the ball rolling:


D.R. blogging as Black and Write kept it going with his haiku:


I responded to D.R. with this reply:


Carroll Boswell blogging as Caleb’s Eye added two haiku on the same theme and I chose what I thought was a classic:


Amazing and generous people, all of them.

If you wish to read their original comments and my initial responses please move over to the lifeboats in Titantic.

Guess the 4-line poem – TITANIC – landed quite an unexpected catch 🙂

I love such spontaneity – don’t you!


Daniel Judges or Judged_Blue