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In a February post, I mentioned that starting in March I would select and feature one blog per month.

I am happy to announce that My Blog Pick for the Month of March 2013 is nightlake blogging as call2read.

From her email notifications, I believe she is from India though in this global village, she could also be hailing from Europe, America or Anywhere 🙂 I respect her privacy and did not pry. But I do know from her ABOUT page that she moved to Singapore after her marriage and I hope she loves her stay here.

In the few months, she and I had been following each other’s blogs, I found her writing subtle and refreshing. She writes both poetry and verse and I love that she packs so much into so little. Her posts take a minute or so, even seconds, to read but hours to digest depending on how deep you want to delve.

SG Scene_Blog Pick March 2013

Singapore Scene: Photo credit @ David Koh, a good friend of Lisa’s and mine.

I suppose she enjoys my posts too, as evinced by the regularity and quality of her comments. I remain humbled and grateful for her support.

Life Giver_Blog Pick March 2013

Life Giver, Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2013

Please do visit nightlake and perhaps like me, you too might be intrigued by her words.

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