I posted a flash-fiction WOLF and invited contributions and was thrilled to receive four well-thought out pieces.

It is indeed my pleasure to post them here, not in any particular order. If you like to read more of the authors’ works, please click on their links.

Ditrie Sanchez blogging as Catch Some Wide Eye had this to share:

FF_Ditrie Sanchez_Mar 2013

KC blogging as kyotzeta, a poetic journey through my mind, came up with this:

FF_KC_Mar 2013

This is Jane blogging as jstansfeld literary musings:

FF_Jane_Mar 2013

And one from Jasey – one of the first to subscribe to my blog via email and still going strong. Unfortunately, she does not blog but going by this – there is plenty of talent there.

FF_Jasey_Mar 2013

Hmmmm —- how’s that to put you off one-night stands.

Tomorrow I shall post another Flash-Fiction and a key word as Prompt.

Unlike WOLF, the prompt invites fiction that does not exceed 33-words in any genre. Please share your contributions in the Comments below and I shall feature them on 19 March under Flash-Fiction Gallery.

For those who missed it, here is WOLF.





  1. These are all wonderful, even though some of the imagery is a bit “ghastly!” 🙂 But, everyone did such a great job and Eric, you are a prince for your generosity of sharing! I’ll look forward to more! Hugs!

    1. Awwwgh, Lauren – you are sweet and “We are pleased” 😎

      Yes, the contributors have amazing talent. I hope in time, more people will step up and contribute.

      Peace and hugz,

    1. Hello Val,

      That’s very sweet of you.

      You are also generous for displaying my post on your “Posts I like” bar. Thank you 🙂

      High five,

  2. Looking at the world through gouged eyes
    The sun a saucer of custard
    Melting the jelly babies
    As they emerge from their sealed packets
    In search of sugery snakes
    Paper never refuses ink.


    1. Now, here is a fabulous 33-word verse 🙂 It taps off an ordinary event – but presented in subtle and philosophical overtones.

      I intend to post this in my next Flash Fiction Gallery due 19 March – hope it is okay by you, Chris?

      All good wishes,

      1. I’d be honoured Eric, Thank you, one sometimes is frightened when one gives the sawdust a shake what the end result might be.


    1. Hello Christy B,

      Always lovely to have you visit and comment.

      Yes, it is a varied collection and intriguing how many stories can be spun. The “911” ends with a shocker.

      High five,

  3. Thank you Eric for posting these pieces. My site is actually jstansfeld not jstandfeld. stans is an ancient English word for stones and feld for field so it means stoney fields. Quite irrelevant but it does explain the odd spelling!
    Cheerio and many thanks,

    1. Hello Jane,

      Thank you very much for allowing me to post your flash-fiction.

      Can I take it that I have your permission to post your 55-word flash fiction – the one about the house. Plan to upload it on 19 March.

      I do apologise about that typo – ought to have paid more attention 🙁 Amended the “link” (unfortunately, the image takes a bit of doing)

      All good wishes,
      P/s Strange, you show up as “Anonymous” but just as well you signed off.

    1. Congratulations kalabalu, for having won the Liebster.

      I first received the Liebster from a friend in Blogsville – Aslan who lives in Damascus (I pray that he is well) – in December 2011 a few weeks after I started blogging. It made a nice impression and spurred me.

      If I remember right, it is for bloggers with less than 100 “followers” – perhaps the rules have changed since.

      Thank you for thinking of me and all good wishes,

  4. Eric, these are very good. You know, I never quite understood what exactly flash fiction was, seems like a short piece of poetic prose in some respect. All very interesting and nicely written too. Will have to do some more research on what exactly FF entails and see if it’s something I’d try myself. Thanks

    1. Hello Fred,

      It is very much like haiku, which you excel in. I’m sure you’ll have a handle on it in no time.

      Every fiction comes with an intro, a body and a wrap. Some purists insist on this but I reckon in flash fictions – these can be implied. For me, the best wraps – in prose or poetry – are those that come with a “punch”.

      Cheers, Eric

  5. Hello Eric. I find very good, but all your posts which is a shame for me is that I can not use the online translation, because the texts are on the pictures. I find it harmful. Yes, I forgot to tell you that sometimes I do not have the courage to translate. 🙂

    1. LOL, yes I think I know what you mean. Macabre but coming from brilliant story tellers.

      Thank you Madhu, you are so kind with your visits and comments.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Love your photograhy journal – the way you weave in little descriptions that enliven the images. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

  6. Good morning Eric. Thank you for posting my piece. It is a pleasant surprise and I’m also a bit embarrassed as I’m not a writer or anywhere close. I just love to read the beautiful works produced by others and you are definitely one of them.
    Horror is not my trait – so I see the other top postings as really eerie and fits your theme better. Will have to develop my “evil” side…LOL.

    1. Good morning Jasey,

      You are more talented than you give yourself credit. Perhaps start a blog?

      I am also not a writer – no “literary background or training”. Join all the “untrained-lost” in Blogsville. We form the majority here. And together we might go where the “trained” dare not venture and discover what the “trained” could not uncover. Remember, the greatest discoverers were all lost.

      I shudder to think what “evil” you can brew 🙂

      Luv and hugz,
      P/s Thank you for your 55-word fiction

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