Prompt word > PORTRAIT

On slow strolls down museum halls and art galleries, sometimes we linger at an oil — and in worse times, lose ourselves in it.

Really lose ourselves —-


You are all invited to come up with your own 33-word flash-fiction, using the prompt PORTRAIT.

If you care to post it in the “Comments” below – I shall collate and publish them in a Flash-Fiction Gallery on 19 March.

See Flash Fiction Gallery for a sample of what I mean.

Another avenue to gain exposure for your talent. See also Blog Tips.

Thank you and have a great day.


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  1. Yes there is much beauty in the museum and I can lose myself in some of the artwork. I also am in awe of beautiful scenery and the changes in the sky throughout the day. We have a beautiful world to enjoy too where humans haven’t spoiled it.

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