I shall Feature one blog on the First Monday of each Month starting March 2013. My Monthly Blog Pick shall be from the pool of blogs I am following and commenting on, and those reading and commenting on my posts. This, as a small token of my appreciation.

As my regular readers know, I sometimes insert comments and links in my posts about blogs that I follow.  Some examples: Poetic Salivation and Raining Haiku (both a series of haiku duets), and the most recent, The Brothers Grinn where I highlighted Ned, blogging as Gigoid.

When readers leave a Comment in my post, I also try to highlight their work in my “Reply” – take a look at the comments and my replies in my most recent post OUROBOROS.

I craft my replies so that they are not “in your face” but leave subtle hints – hopefully enough to trigger a visit to their blogs.

I shall continue to do this on an ad hoc basis.

Monthly Blog Pick

Last year, I dedicated a few posts to blogs that impressed me but I did not follow through with any degree of consistency 🙁

Here is a link to one such post Sunshine Tales & Verses. I invite you to check it. You’ll get to read Ian Grice’s blog > IANSCYBERSPACE. You want to read his poem today – Defence Dilemma – powerpacked.

The Monthly Blog Pick will add a degree of consistency and serve as a small pointer for those looking for interesting blogs to follow.



  1. Brilliant way of appreciating and it would surely bring forth many hidden blogs which we haven’t visited yet,which are beautiful and worth reading! GR8 effort Eric

  2. Very nice idea, Eric! Most blogs I read are by word of mouth, or by comments left on my blog. There are so many blogs out there, it helps to have recommendations!

    1. Hello Janna,

      Glad you like the idea. I’ll do my best – but we all have varied interests.

      Have a great weekend,
      P/s Thoroughly enjoyed your post Trouble – short, sweet and packs a punch!

  3. You are definitely in tune with your environment and its fellow beings. Great Mind AND Heart. Wonderful package. The World is a better place with you in it.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Self with us,

    1. Hello KP,

      In response, a haiku:

      You garland with words
      The weight of praise bows me down
      The dirt is my throne

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s You must be feeling pretty warm in that cave of yours 🙂

  4. “Generosity” could well be your middle name Eric. Thought I.d share this Haiku with you (phew) another rhyme?

    The seed is now sown
    Summer will bring glad tidings
    Harvesting Haiku.

  5. The ways you encourage others in the blogging world are amazing, Eric. I remember you being one of the first to leave a kind comment in my blog. I’m grateful. I like this new idea!

    1. Thank you Richard,

      It helps all ways. What I don’t want is to see the blogging community turn into another Facebook type joke where we have thousands of “friends” but most don’t even bother to tick “like” for a single post.

      But instead of moaning about it – let’s do our small part. There’s enough to go around, I reckon.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s Manahatta – so, that’s what Manhattan was called. To tell you the truth, when I first saw the headline, I did think it was that nuclear thingy. The eye reads what the mind (is quick) to reveal – shades of Daniel’s problems in Fallen Grace

  6. one blog on the First Monday of each Month is a very good idea. The words you have written in this post are akin to what you actually do. I am a good observer, I have observed.

    Now, the thing I like about you is your humility. Very few published authors behave like the way you do. Like I said, I’m a good observer, I have observed. 🙂

    1. Dear Ramu,

      In a world where many view themselves as teachers by virtue of their age, grey beard or material accomplishments, you humble yourself as an observer – one who watches and learns – meaning, a student.

      Continue to walk this path and great achievements will seek you out – I hope and wish this for you.

      As for my supposed humilty – what is there to be proud of? No accomplishment is ours – pompous is a man who thinks he did it “his way” – when all along it was His Way (whoever you chose that to be).


    1. Hello Uzo,

      You’re so very right – it is all about bonding. Glad you like this idea – thank you.

      P/s: Your post “Come and marry my daughter” – very educational. Many Asian (India/China) societies had similar customs, though it is fast dying out.

    1. Thank you Tim,

      I’m going to run with this and see where it takes us.

      Cheers, Eric
      P/s I repeat, I no what you mean by using spell-check technology, we discussed it while having grandma for dinner. She did not utter a squeak 🙂

  7. hello — I remember reading gently raining haiku on your blog a year or so ago, and it touched me. I started writing my own shortly after. That is the power of poetry – thanks

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