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I shall Feature one blog on the First Monday of each Month starting March 2013. My Monthly Blog Pick shall be from the pool of blogs I am following and commenting on, and those reading and commenting on my posts. This, as a small token of my appreciation.

As my regular readers know, I sometimes insert comments and links in my posts about blogs that I follow.  Some examples: Poetic Salivation and Raining Haiku (both a series of haiku duets), and the most recent, The Brothers Grinn where I highlighted Ned, blogging as Gigoid.

When readers leave a Comment in my post, I also try to highlight their work in my “Reply” – take a look at the comments and my replies in my most recent post OUROBOROS.

I craft my replies so that they are not “in your face” but leave subtle hints – hopefully enough to trigger a visit to their blogs.

I shall continue to do this on an ad hoc basis.

Monthly Blog Pick

Last year, I dedicated a few posts to blogs that impressed me but I did not follow through with any degree of consistency 😦

Here is a link to one such post Sunshine Tales & Verses. I invite you to check it. You’ll get to read Ian Grice’s blog > IANSCYBERSPACE. You want to read his poem today – Defence Dilemma – powerpacked.

The Monthly Blog Pick will add a degree of consistency and serve as a small pointer for those looking for interesting blogs to follow.