Global warming. Depletion. Extinction. Annihilation.

Polar caps – ozone balds.

Forests grounds – limbless stumps.

Farmlands – dust bowls.

Rivers – toxic flows.

Lakes – cess pools.

Carbage dumps – neighbourhoods.

Fresh air – dream on!

Apex Predator

Written wills – authors we.



  1. Men in Sandboxes
    Fondle frack materials
    Destroy Mum’s vision.

    Good to read your words once again, Dear Friend.
    As always, pertinent and succinct in your message.
    Have been far removed, but never distant, Eric.

    Take care, and warmest wishes,

    1. My dear Paul – that’s lovely and thank you for embellishing my blog with such well-thought out contributions.

      Good to know that you’re busy but well. Drop in anytime. As you know, like old friends, we can always pick up where we left off, without any apologies or preamble.

      God bless and keep you and yours well,

      1. Dear Eric,

        It’s nice to know that I can drop in anytime and add something or just to say hi without, as you say, preambles or apologies. You are a dear and kind man, Mr. Alagan, and I appreciate your warm wishes and comments.

        I have not had internet access for the past week, so I was unable to reply to your wonderful response. But now that I am back online, perhaps I should as well venture over to my musty blog and dabble in a few words.

        If I don’t hear from you, Dear sir, have a spectacularly fabulous holiday and may warmth and happiness be yours.

        Take care, my friend,

  2. How sad…yet very true! It’s mind boggling when you look at what is being done to our earth these days. We are poisoning the very earth we need to survive. The poem is very well written and to the point. It hits with powerful impact.

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