1. I love this. (In my head, at least) it can go in so many different directions. The mask changes the perception, but the mask also changes the wearer. Are the eyes invading? Does the covering protect, or does it obscure?

    1. Thank you Kilroy – most of my posts are open to wide interpretations and everyone takes their pick. Who really has the final say – I don’t presume to.

      Problems start when we ascribe a narrow definition, I reckon.

  2. I’ve come across some people on the road with only their eyes peeping out. I often fear for them, if they will faint from heat exhaustion in our humid climate.

    Anyway this poem covers two aspects for me : one is about who sins – the eyes that see and imagine or the flesh that is exposed to tempt the eyes. Second is : often a mask or cover is associated with a hidden agenda, unfortunately always not with good intent.

      1. Yes, the boss before my recent ex-boss. She looks like easy to get along with. Unknowingly, my ex-colleague indirectly showed me the printed email that my ex ex boss wrote. Upon seeing the email of the termination of my service, I was devastated. She rushed me to complete my computer designing skill while doing child care. But I couldn’t complete it and did my best. So she demanded me to concentrate in the designing. When I did the designing, she asked me why I didn’t do the child care. I was in the difficult spot. My ex-colleague comforted me that I will get a good boss. Indeed, afterward I get a good boss.

      2. This is terrible, Yoshiko.

        The pressures some employers place on working mothers is quite appalling.

        Glad that you found a better person to work for,

    1. Hello Lauren,

      My words are deliberately tangential – so each reader has a choice of the road they wish to venture into.

      Wishing you a splendid Sunday,
      Eric πŸ™‚

    1. In a Fallen Grace episode down the road a bit, the Golden Being reveals and expands on these “crowns and robes” – this and the Body Armour episode is only a foretaste.

      Thank you Jon, for your visit and comment. I enjopyed your haiku too πŸ™‚

  3. Ok…always helps to log in first…I don’t think my last attempt went through so here we go again!

    Human nature as well as the human form is shrouded in mystery…a little like the intricacies of W/P’s commenting system! This post leads the thoughts along some very interesting paths! And this time around i got the like button to work…Wow!

  4. Human nature as well as human body is shrouded in mystery! This post leads the reader down some very interesting trains of thought.

    And I have tried and failed several times now to ‘like’ this post but the like button is not playing nicely tonight…I will try again later.
    Annoyed Wolfie!

    1. Oh dear, Susan

      I hope I’ve not made this too vague.

      My next post Body Armour sheds some light on this haiku, which can be viewed as a preamble.

      Glad that you took the time to re read and capture the elusiveness of these words. My apologies.

      All good wishes from your faithful blog follower πŸ™‚

    2. Oh don’t apologize. I think too often we don’t take enough time to really read, think through and understand what the writer is trying to say. It’s good to be challenged and made to look for other meanings and truths. It keeps us from complacency.

      That’s what I like about reading your writings the most. I have to think and feel and dig deep inside me sometimes. Don’t change.


      1. When Charlie was younger he would run and scoop up the snow eating it on the fly, but now that’s he’s older, the fun has diminished some for him.

        He still likes to run in the snow just not as much as Orso.

    1. Glad that it touched a chord that vibrates truth for you.

      Here is a little secret – when you know nothing about poetry (like me) – you can only improve with every piece, I reckon πŸ™‚

      All good wishes,

  5. Bedecked with finery,
    Tears hidden from hypocrite,
    smile is my jewel.

    I could think of these lines when I read your lines,which reflected the true intentions and thoughts always lie covered shrouded within

    1. Lovely effort Soumya and appreciate the sharing.

      I believe you meant “Decked” – as this keeps the meaning and stays within the 5-7-5 format.

      Cheers, Eric

  6. Very nicely done.

    Brings something to mind. Are you familiar with a 60s avante-garde rock/jazz group called “The Soft Machine”?

    Your Haiku recalls a lyric from one of their compositions, one of my favourites, called “Why Are We Sleeping”.

    My mask is my Master,

    The trumpeter weeps,

    But his voice is so weak

    As he speaks from his sleep, saying

    Why, why, why, why are we sleeping!

    1. Hello Richard – always a pleasure to have you visit. Thank you.

      I’m afraid I was not into β€œSoft Machine” – with western music back then, I was following the Beatles, later, Tom Jones and my all-time favourite, Jim Reeves.

      The lyrics you quote are tangential – just the way I like them πŸ™‚

      This is not my first post on β€œcloaks” and β€œmasks” – if you have the time, do check this out > Chameleon http://wp.me/p1YE83-w0 and Mirror, mirror, on the wall > http://wp.me/p1YE83-d7

      All good wishes, Eric
      P/s Please do not feel obliged to follow those links, and I mean this in all sincerity.

      1. Well, since I was someone who could have been classified as a “hippy” back in those days, I was into all sorts of “far out” music.

        And, being a practicing “rock” musician at the time, I was always on the lookout for new inspiration so I was “following” a list of groups too long to remember.

        All that being said, I found very interesting the way your words acted as a trigger that began the playing of that song in my mind.

        I’m sure the posts you have linked will be well worth reading.

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