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Micro-stories that draw from a wide range of genres and keep the pages turning.

Ever thought of the challenges that poor Devil faces? Check out “The Exorcist’s Weapon”.

One industry group intends to make plus-size “The New, Ideal Body Size”.

On a business trip, all alone in the hotel room, and she hears a knock—on the 24th floor window. Would you let him in? One woman did in “Sealed with his Seed.”

Everybody loves chicken. We eat chicken; they eat chicken; and we meet “Eating Chicken”.

There are scavengers and scavengers in “Fertile Grounds.”

Budget travel around the world. Read what one man did in “Bon Voyage”.

If you had one shot in life, how would you like to end it? Check out “I had One Shot in Life”.

He betrayed his people in Singapore, but the nation celebrated him in “Sook Ching Hero”.

What were the congressman, the banker, and the priest doing under the table with Miss Boopsie? Check out “Tough Guy, Rough Town, a story set in the old west.

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    1. Thank you, Jane, for your presence and encouragement 🙂

      I notice that your blog is down. Is it a tech glitch or are you taking a break from blogging?

      Later in the day, I’ll email you for a private chat.

      Till then, luv and hugz,

    1. Hello Ian,
      I hope and trust all is good in your neck of the woods.
      Pundits suggest a better book cover and as a permanent student, I took their advice. Guess what – there has been a definite uptick in sales 🙂

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