I hope you like the new professionally designed cover for Brothers Grinn. The previous one was a DIY. Fortunately, I had a couple of good friends who trusted me enough to provide some brutal feedback. LOL. It was quite humbling, yet I took on board their feedback and here we are. Thanks, guys! 😊

Now that they’ve faces to their names, hopefully the Brothers Grinn don’t turn off their fans. Don’t want to say more—I’ll leave that to the stereophonic motor-mouths. LOL.

By the way, the Grinns will not be replying to any comments. I finally found their OFF switches.

Click image and read their chatter.

*** Click this link or the Book Cover for a free peek inside ***



  1. Hi Eric,

    It’s me, Windy. I congratulated you earlier but don’t know how my comment went through as “Anonymous.” Maybe WordPress was acting up.

    Anyway congrats to Brothers Grinn for their debut appearance. There is no OFF switches for them, so let them ramble away.

    1. Thank you, Ian.
      As I mentioned in my post, the Brothers Grinn will not be responding to comments because I finally found their OFF switches.
      All good wishes ahead,

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