Finally, the third and last book of the Mahabharata trilogy. The eBook is scheduled for release on 18 November 2022 after going through some final tweaks.

The paperbacks for the trilogy will be available early next year.

I started researching and drafting the first chapter in 2018, and sent it out to my newsletter readers in early 2020. Spent thousands of hours—worked 6 days a week without a break—researching, drafting, and editing the manuscripts multiple times. Even now, I’ve a professional editor going over the final manuscript with a fine toothcomb. And what a ride it has been! No regrets, enjoyed every bit.

Thank you all for your presence, support, and encouragement these past few years. Now you know why I’m keeping the eBooks at a mere US$0.99—it’s a tangible show of my gratitude. Who knows, it might even kick me up to the next tax bracket. LOL.


Click image and it’ll take you Amazon.

*** Click this link or the Book Cover for a free peek inside ***



  1. Hello Eric

    You certainly are busy, busy and busy. I pray you jump high on the next tax bracket with every new release. Congrats and success in capturing many readers to all your novel stories.

    Hugs, Windy.

    1. Hello Windy,
      As you know being busy is okay. In this case, it’s even fun – as long as it is productive work, not like what poor Sisyphus is condemned to do for eternity.
      Thank you for your ever presence and encouragement – fuel that keeps me chugging along 🙂

  2. Hi Eric! It must have been a real hard work as I have read original mahabharat, and it’s no simple job to read it, then write your own version. I pray you get all the success with this trilogy. My heartfelt best wishes.

    1. Hi Indira,
      So good to hear from you. I trust everyone and everything is good at home – including Soma, and the man of the house.
      Yes, I agree that it’s no simple job to read the original Mahabharata.
      As for writing my own version, I’ll borrow a cliché > truly, it was a labour of love. It was challenging to say the least, yet sometimes I was overwhelmed but also enjoyed every single moment spent in researching and working on it.
      Thank you very much for your heartfelt wishes.

    1. Hello Jane dear,
      I contracted this editor early this year to handle my trilogy, and after a slow start he is now coming through nicely.
      Thank you for your well-wishes 🙂

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