First attempt… let me know what you think. Comment below or head on to my YouTube channel.

Amazon: Vel Pari, The Tamilakam WarΒ 


  1. Eric, lovely to see you and you have crafted a warm and informative video. Here’s wishing you every success with your book launch. <3 hugs, my special buddy. Xx

    1. Hello Jim,

      Thank you. The manuscript is going through some reviews and I hope to release on target date if not sooner. Thank you for the pre-order.


  2. You’re a natural, Eric. Looks like you’ve done it all your life. The sketches stand out and very apt to the topic.

    As usual, there is much research and great depth plus your ever famous convoluted plot injected to your story, that I’ll be looking forward to.

    I am already second in your pre-order list. Cheers, my friend. 😊

    1. Hello Windy,

      I thought I’ll do some videos before I lose whatever little hair I have πŸ™‚

      Yes, you’re right there. Plenty of research but very little gets used in the novel. And I certainly don’t resort to info-dumping just because I’ve done all that research.

      Yes, I know that you pre-ordered. You are one of the very few here helping to push me over to the next higher tax bracket πŸ™‚


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