Interesting how society’s ideals change over time.

I could never understand this modern aversion to hair on limbs – especially on a woman. This never bothered me – but I’m no expert on beauty.

In Singapore, which is a primarily Chinese society, I’ve met women who dislike men with hair on their arms and chest.

I’ve a nice spread of chest hair and am proud of it – but some people here go ” Argh”. 🙂


  1. Here is a saying ‘ people without hair on chest are cruel to the women.’ Don’t know how much correct but found correct in some. So be happy and proud. All waxing is perhaps something to do with baby look…

  2. I find it strange that in our affluent modern society extreme thinness is viewed as beautiful with fashion houses showing off their woman’s ware on the stick figures of their “best’ models. Go back a few hundred years and we see sculptures of the ideal woman with a well rounded body. The places of real want revere the chubby as the most beautiful, I assume that this is because, in those places,few had enough to able to attain this state.
    Thank you, as usual, for stimulating the old brain cells!

    1. Hello Jane,

      Yes, I never could understand this love affair with being thin. The more difficult the purported ideal figure, the more difficult to attain – the more money spent on products and services to attain that ideal.

      You’re right. We see paintings by renowned artist – all the women are rounded. I love that look.

      I also like your take about places of want adoring people who are chubby. More than some truth there, I reckon.


  3. For women, I prefer fine hair on limbs, gives a softer look. Wonder why some prefer to waste time and money waxing and suffer in pain.
    I think there is beauty in everyone that can be appreciated by someone.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Coming from a woman – I accept wholeheartedly. I notice you make the distinction – fine hair – not the gorilla-look 🙂

      On another scale, yes, there is beauty in all of us.

      L & H,

  4. Hopefully I’ve figured it out. On your site I had to hit follow (again) and it appears in a new WP heading in my site called Reader. Don’t have to do that on other friend sites. Anyway, on topic here true beauty is something deeper than looks. I think it comes from an observation of another’s way of life, attitude and demonstrated concern for others that parallels one’s own. 🙂

    1. Hello Ian,

      On occasion, I experience a similar situation when visiting friend sites – have to sign in again.

      You’re right. True beauty is much more – in fact is not about – physical appearances.


    1. Hello Charles,

      Very true at the individual level.

      At the societal level, perhaps media helps to mold “beauty”.

      Recall those often used numbers “36-24-36′ with regards to what constitutes an ideal figure for a woman? That was the media telling us – probably paid by businesses pushing beauty products and services. They focus on the figure instead of one’s health – the health thingy is thrown in as a by-the-way comment.

      But I’ve always loved women on the rounder heavier side and suspect many men do too.

      Have a great week ahead,

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