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Thank you all for downloading the FREE eBook copies of Mechanic Leigh.

The book reached the #3, #7, and #11 spots on Amazon’s Kindle Store for selected categories.

No more free downloads but there remains a long way to go to reach the Top 100 Paid (Overall) in Kindle Stores.

When I started some years ago, like most indie authors, my focus was on getting the books published. Did not bother with all that marketing “stuff”. I disliked marketing–promoting one’s own books goes against the grain for me–plus there was a ton of new techniques and “stuff” to learn regarding on-line marketing.

About a month ago, I decided to focus on marketing my books. The pundits who had been nudging me must be pleased. Took my usual route to learning new subjects. Broke down the overwhelming giant into easily tackled half-lings.

You probably noticed an uptick in activity.

Grinn Brothers made it to #23, #27, and #99 – and without giving away free downloads.

Brothers Grinn showed promise too at #78, #81, and #331. Again without any free giveaways. The brothers are doing well.

This has been a test run of sorts, and I took many wrong turns. Still very much in beta mode. All this computer stuff. Geez!

Mind you, my grandpa’s generation grew up with carrier pigeons. Until they ate the pigeons. In my generation, it was the postmen, letters, and telegrams. But the dogs in the village gave those poor fellows hell. Next came telex. And you know the rest.

The journey started with a definite plan. A toe in the water. Not freezing. Good. The heaving ocean beckoned. I’ve taken the plunge.

Wish me a stout heart and tireless muscles. And loads of luck.

No pigeons. Just have to learn to love shark 🙂