1. Fingers in one hand
      One points, one bows, three point back
      Judgement by own hand

      Hello Ian,
      Very true, what you say. Let’s not be so quick to judge.

  1. I got partially way-laid by this one as “black spot” immediately called to mind the ominous black spot of “Treasure Island”; the notice that a person’s days were numbered. On a third re-read I decide that your black spot has many similarities to Stevenson’s. Keep ’em coming Mr. Haiku King!

    1. Most look, see the blip
      Biblical judgement awaits
      Evil’s games, fool’s gold

      Hello Jane dear,
      Re-read your comment several times before I got what you meant – I think. Loved it because it made me dwell beyond what I intended with my original haiku. Invigorating!
      Thank you,

  2. Maybe we should retrain our minds to appreciate the unblemished area, then we do not focus on the black spot.

    Eric, initially I thought you forgot to post a picture because I saw a blank frame. When I read your haiku, then I realize the black spot. LOL. Hope this is a good sign that I am not always focusing on black spot.

    1. Most see the black spot
      Some do not, it is their fault 🙂
      World needs these mistakes 🙂

      Good one, Windy dear
      I’ve known you long enough and you’ve always seen the positives in life. Some are blessed. I was referring to myself – for having you as a friend 🙂

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