1. Thank you for the new word. Indeed they do. I think I equate warmongers with leaders in this haiku. Great haiku-response to Bumba – the poor fish.

    1. Humbling comment
      Yes, war mongers lead the pack
      But who isn’t one?

      Hello Sarah,
      Interesting that some found panegyrist a new word. But then again, it is not a commonly employed word when the norm is – flatterer 🙂
      Thank you for your visit and comments. I know how busy you are this December.

    1. Some try hard to serve
      Like crabs scrambling in a pail
      Most trip up others

      Hello Indira,
      Great to have you visit and contribute.
      Trust that all is well.

    1. Most should walk the plank
      But they will poison the fish
      Let us save the earth

      Hello Steve,

      The reply was coloured not only by your comment but also because I just returned after reading your funny pages. Your writing has that effect on me 🙂

      Trust that all is well and you are putting December to good use 🙂

      All good wishes,

  2. Leaders always deliver impressive speeches but how many delve to discover if they have performed what they claimed. Most often we get the “we are going to do this!” but does not happen eventually, a few question it. They are forgotten after a while, more so when we are busy with our own livelihood.

    1. Keep hamsters on wheels
      People have short memories
      Busy buzzing bees

      Hello Windy,
      Very true in the past perhaps – when promises made are forgotten even before the returning officer declares the winner.
      Not so much now, as the more intrepid members of the public pull out news videos and the like, and challenge these “leaders” and their declared promises. Of course, there is so much “noise” in public discourse, it again gets lost.
      But one can only keep trying.

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