1. Knowledge is power
      We all can do a small bit
      Mustard seed moves hill

      Thank you, dear friend, Indira – much appreciate the reblog.
      All good wishes,

      1. Lost in cyberspace
        Once written it never dies
        Wins follow failures 🙂

        No worries, dear friend, Indira,
        Wordpress plays up sometimes.

    1. First comers took all
      Now they blame the slower ones
      Developed justice

      Hello Indira,
      The Academy Award winning documentary by Al Gore – An Inconvenient Truth – though some years ago, continues to be relevant. As usual the developed countries try to propose their version of truth.

  1. Good one, Eric, and I don’t miss southern Cal., at all. Climate change…it’s just too bad that people can’t work near their homes. But the cost of living and salaries have not risen in sync. Too many people have to commute miles away, thus, the image you posted. It’s very sad to think what is happening to our planet…

  2. Yes that’s classic LA. Flew over there many times and it hasn’t hanged much from the air though the locals says its worse now. An excellent commentary in a few words on how human knowledge has created a big mess which politicians and scientists don’t seem to be able to get a handle on. All because we who elect them are not willing to give up our lifestyle.

    1. Destroy – the new norm
      Children will fend for themselves
      Freedom to chose death!

      Hello Ian,
      You are so right and it is getting worse in almost every country and city. Many luminaries even deny there is such a thing as climate change brought on by pollution.

  3. Your image is poignant. I notice that it is LA – I’ve seen similar. if not worse, from the Loop 6 bridge over I10 in Houston, Texas. An image like that fully proves your Haiku! another would be the beach or the intestines of a dead gull, starved due to the masses of plastic in its intestine. we could go on!
    I won’t sign off cheerio today but have a good weekend

    1. Mother earth’s life chokes
      Children party without care
      Bitter harvest looms

      Jane dear,
      I have seen images of dead animals washed up on shore – their entrails spilled and mixed with man-made waste. Heart wrenching.
      In Singapore, recycle bins are everywhere, but people continue to throw plastics into the drainage system. Truly they are sick. Politicians in Singapore spew cliches but go no further. It is quite easy to resolve the problem – but like their reluctance to ban cigarettes (we actually have a huge British American Tobacco factory in Singapore) – it will mean losing votes.
      Have a great weekend too,

  4. Serpent, akin to our kundalini, gives spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. We with our greed have insatiable thirst to possess and abuse the gift. How much humankind have polluted will lead to our own self destruction.

    However the world needs bad and good to balance. So we can play a different role at different time. Makes us wholesome and real with just enough evil and goodness, that’s what I like to think. This is my interpretation on a lighter note.

    Enjoy your weekend, Eric.

    1. Serpent of knowledge
      Metaphysical marvel
      World of duality

      Hello Windy,
      A well thought through comment that drew from Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist scriptures. Bravo! True, gifts we have many but each a double edged sword.
      My weekend is well, and trust you have a great time too,

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