1. This is so true, but anger can be useful when directed purposefully and used to change. There are some things we need to be angry about – war, poverty, abuse of power etc

    1. Anger can help us
      Roused, we can do many things
      Well directed goals.

      Hello Sarah,
      You are so very right, and thank you for this contrarian view. Refreshing and also learned something new today.
      All good wishes,

  2. We are but humans with all emotions combined. Why is anger one of them, it’s both a test for us and the recipients, same as our other reactions to each form of stimulus. For you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, your recipients to appreciate your character. There is no right or wrong, it’s whether your recipients decide if he or she want to stick with you or hi and goodbye. Anger can be bad or good, bad when you say or do something regrettable, good when your recipients realize how much you care enough to be angry with you, for you and at you, but out of love for you.

    Life is too short, we can beat ourselves or we can do better the next round. 😉

    1. Anger, born of love
      Acknowledges one’s presence
      Worse to be ignored

      Hello Windy,
      All that you say is true. Love combined with helplessness, exasperation, fear all fuel anger. Hints at change to be embraced by both parties, true.
      All good wishes,

    1. Most lose self control
      Freedom expressed, others hurt
      Shackles have uses

      It is inevitable to feel anger but not to act on it – that is the challenge, I reckon.
      P/s. Yup, the WP snow – I see you’ve got it turned on too 🙂

      1. Yes, acting on it is much more serious, and I’m glad the snow has arrived. It’s the only snow around here, unless we drive to it. 🙂

  3. When I initially read this haiku I took the ‘sprout’ as an element of hope. On reading your commentary I see it as a responsive perpetuation – bad! Seems to me that anger is an emotion which generally gets spent, which is good, however if it includes revenge (an emotion I don’t understand0 then it is bad, As an aside the Christian bible had God expressing ‘righteous wrath’ on several occasions. I have been known to kid myself that the rare occasions that I have got into a situation contusive to anger that it has been this, hoping that subsequent events won’t disprove my hypothesis!

    1. What we see is real
      A second look reveals more
      To learn is to live

      Hello Jane dear,
      You are right, sprout does speak of hope.
      It is I who had taken a narrow view. In a domestic situation, the victim wilts but forgives, hoping the perpetrator will change for the better. And the perpetrator too believes s/he will change. But quite often, all that happens is more weeds are planted.
      In most other situations, ‘sprout’ does speak of hope.
      P/s You have not posted for some time. I know that life does get in the way but am hoping to read another one of your shorts 🙂

    2. I agree that anger begets anger, It is contagious.
      Thank you for your inquiry about my posts. You are right, it has been a while. The good news is that it is life’s activities which have temporarily banished my Meuse. Yet I know that if I ‘found ‘ the time to sit down and write that she would return. I have one in the hopper but it still needs some more polishing.
      In the meanwhile I pronounce you Haiku King.

      1. Contagious disease
        Afflicts weak constitution
        Love holds simple cure

        Hello Jane,
        Good to know that another story is percolating. I look forward to reading it.
        P/s Thank you for your compliment re haiku 🙂

    1. Anger replicates
      But amends made, life repeats
      Weeds planted again

      Hello Ina,
      Thank you for your visit and comment. You’re right, quite often anger begets anger. And it is difficult to break the cycle.

    1. Self is hurt the most
      Anger, basest emotion
      Old scars on tree trunks

      Very true, Ian, so very true.
      All of us have given in to anger, and we know how much that hurts. But many try very hard to keep it in check or vent it in less destructive pursuits – even if it is to take a walk or simply breath. But most give in, over and over again.

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