1. Mischievous title
      Truth is, nothing much has changed
      Blooms sprout on footpath

      Hello Ian,
      Very true and wolves rise because men choose to remain as sheep, I reckon. Better to live one day as a free man than to exist a hundred as a slave, remains a cliche for most.

  1. No wonder the brain is called a complex organ. While it is busy debating what to do, the eyes, legs and heart already jumped ahead.

    Hope you have had a good weekend, Eric.

    1. The journey ended
      No rainbow, no pot of gold
      The mind takes over

      True, Sarah,
      Full of possibilities. Only when it is all over, one tends to rationalize one’s actions.
      Congratulations with that pitch, and hope all turns out well,

    1. Battles of the mind
      Victors win before the fight
      Mind over matter

      Hello Shalilah,
      There is much written about this subject and the research continues.
      Thank you for dropping by with your comment.
      Hope and trust that all is well,

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