1. A wise stone causes ripples, but the powerful waves wipe them out. Quite often power overrides wisdom. That’s the reality.

    But I believe the wise stone will find another spot to create ripples again. Hopefully perseverance will make the changes.

    1. Power bleeds quickly
      Ripples provoke, makes one think
      Hidden tsunamis

      Hello Windy,
      Yes, one cannot eradicate ripples easily. Like a looping piece of music, it haunts.

    1. To soar unfettered
      Hope is the things with feathers
      Beware the raptors

      Hello Ina,
      That Emily Dickenson quote prompted my haiku. Hope you like it 🙂

    1. Lesson prompts abound
      Wisdom, humility’s child
      Most stuck with square wheels

      Hello Jane,
      My sentiments exactly, I don’t like knocks – who does – but would have made the most of them, if I emerged on the other side, having learnt valuable lessons.
      Hope the week is turning out well,

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