Neat white rows on green

Millions of flourishing blooms

Footnotes for great men

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    1. Society’s focus
      Says much about shared values
      Wars now in our midst

      Thank you, Lauren,
      Yes, it is mind blowing how much anguish can be averted if only leaders displayed empathy.

  1. Yes sad, when will man ever learn? Nature may be cruel but we have greater intellects and should know better. I wonder if it is senseless greed fueled by that self same intellect that is the essence of our problems.

    1. Given intellect
      A double edged sword we wield
      Not the apple’s fault

      Hello Jane,
      True, sad indeed and one can only wonder why man does not learn. Once, we had to go to a cinema to watch a war film. Now, it is in (increasingly) every bedroom – war craft type gaming. Humanity is inured to death and destruction.
      Senseless greed? – Spot on!

  2. One of my most serious travels was to the war burial grounds and museums in Thailand. Then to learn what we saw was just the tip of an iceberg was horrific. Countless numbers were buried in mass graves as they wore out working on the Burma railroad. War is senseless.

    1. Senseless endeavor
      No panacea for problems
      Ants continue to march

      Hello Ian,
      Yes, the death railway is notorious and many more similar atrocities all but forgotten.

  3. Buried and forgotten after some time. Only the closest kin remembers and perhaps visit, the loss always embedded in their memory. Is the title of great men any worth?

    1. Chest full of medals
      Drips with the blood of the dead
      Lauded by the rest

      Hello Windy,
      While the names of cowards live on, the slaughtered sheep remain nameless.

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