The stupid make war we die

Stupid men make war

Young men die, maimed, lives destroyed

Flowers in Graveyards

Not my enemy

We are both a mother’s son

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  • Husband to a wife
  • Father to young ones
  • A peace loving man
  • Building a future
  • All of the above

*** Haiku Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***


    1. Hello Namrata,

      Your first comment, I see, and welcome onboard 🙂

      What you say is very true:

      Flowers beautiful
      Sunbursts of love and living
      Not to adorn graves


  1. This is such a strong piece, and unfortunately so often true. However, in some conflicts even the soldiers don’t have to turn up, with drones being used to wage war. It’s a sad world we live in.

    1. Hello Sarah,
      That’s a good reminder – drones and (literally) key board warriors.

      Bad Guy President: We’ll drown them under drone assaults.
      Badder Guy President: We’ll hack into their systems and divert the drones right back into their backyard.
      Assistant to Badder GP: Better yet, let’s divert the drones to a third party country, sit back and watch the fun.

      1. LOL! I’m sure their sick minds have already planned such false flag ops. Yes, it is so prevalent there is even a code word for it – “false flag ops”.

  2. The Nobel Peace prize has been awarded to an organisation that promotes disarmament. That is heartening. However, I do wonder if it would make any difference to the decision-makers whose only thought is to ensure that they are re-elected. Belligerence, under the guise of protection of nation, culture, whatever, is probably going to be welcomed by the populace as we are increasingly seeing around the world.

    1. Dear Ankur,
      Unfortunately, you are so very right – the penchant for violence is hard-wired in the human DNA, or so it seems.
      The Nobel Peace Prize is a welcomed recognition – though there have been some undeserving people who had received it.
      All good wishes,

  3. If only they can have war with words, not weapons. That will save most of all, mother earth, and no one has to suffer the aftermath of war. I believe there is power and value in negotiations than just shooting off missiles.

    This is a very heart wrenching piece, Eric.

    1. Hello Ian,
      In the days of old, the generals, and even kings, took to the field. Now, generals stay away from the theater and remain ensconced in their ops room thousands of miles and an ocean away. Makes one want to puke! Brave people, these.

  4. Yes I agree; but the discussion brings to mind my mother’s oft stated conviction that if it weren’t for women men would still be living in caves shooting sophisticated missiles at each other. Of course women are culpable too, especially for those crimes of selfish decimation but I also believe that motherhood introduces women in the sisterhood of mothers which can often be blind to racial differences. Men and women are different and men tend to be the more belligerent fighters. Sadly there are exceptions to every good as well as bad generalization about humanity. Sorry for the way this comment rambles!

    1. Hello Jane,

      You’re right in that all generalizations come packaged with large pot holes. But, broadly, I agree – women, and in particular mothers, will not readily settle differences with war.

      As a kid in school when the class discussed how to prevent wars, I suggested that all world leaders have a poison capsule embedded in them. When they declare war, the capsule will be activated and the leaders will be the first to die. That should put a stop to wars and force everyone to the negotiating table. My teacher, in typical Asian style, called me naive and silly and to “Sit down!”

      Oh, well!

  5. Usually, old white rich men in their goddamn sandboxes, littered not with Tonka toys but real bona fide ‘nucular’ (George W.) weapons, simple, feeble folk who think of no one else but their own megalomaniac, narcissistic, pea-brain interests, relegating everyone else superfluous; brown, black, yellow, red, even other white people, doesn’t matter. All to feed their insatiable appetite for utter destruction, all the while wallowing in bedside Benjamins, chortling at the pathetic minions who strive to scratch a meager existence among the pot holes perpetrated by countless drone strikes, seeking sustenance in a world clouded by depleted uranium and chemtrails.

    Yes, young men–and women–mere cannon fodder for the cretins comfortably couched in impenetrable citadels.

    The flowers, long wilted, pay bent homage to fallen innocents…

    1. Wow! Paul, my dear friend.
      Reads like the haiku touched a button – and released an avalanche of succinct words and phrases that encapsulated what most think but few are able to vocalize without resorting to that cornerstone of most modern rants – the ubiquitous F-word.
      But all you say is true and yes, women are just as liable to be victims too. As you probably guessed, I used the old-fashioned ‘man’ to include women too, and to meet the demands of the haiku format.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciate this.
      All good wishes, my friend,

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