BROTHER GRINN: What does it say about a man who lies prone and spits at the sky, Brother Grinn?

BROTHER GRINN: Washing his family’s dirty linen, a fool, in public, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: Clearing his throat, he is, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: Dreaming, but a whale, he is, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: Big-time rain-maker, he is, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: Small-time rain-maker, he is, Brother Grinn?


BROTHER GRINN: Never a rain-maker, he is, Brother Grinn?


BROTHER GRINN: Ah-huh! An archerfish, he is, dreams the man, Brother Grinn.

BROTHER GRINN: Watched NatGeo did you, Brother Grinn? But, nope!

BROTHER GRINN: In the south pole, he lives and sees new perspective, Brother Grinn.


BROTHER GRINN: There, never did go, I, Brother Grinn. And Bin, my name, is not.

BROTHER GRINN: Sigh! And we invite our readers to contribute their take on what that guy is trying to accomplish.

BROTHER GRINN: Good idea, that is, Brother Grinn. For soup to spoil, many cooks, we need.

BROTHER GRINN: Sigh! Is there a law against strangling pseudo monks?

*** Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2017 ***


  1. I figure that if Brother Grinn believes in karma, the spit will come down to splat on his face.

    If it is anti-gravity, he can lie and enjoy the sight. I was reminded here of a joke I heard on the radio and here it goes: “Why are books on anti gravity very good? Because you can’t put it down.”

    Have a good start to the week, Eric.

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello Ms Windy.
      BROTHER GRINN: Great truth, she speaks of, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, Brother Grinn, once spewed, spit will splat.
      BROTHER GRINN: Unless in space you live, Brother Grinn, and it squiggles like a worm.
      BROTHER GRINN: When a villain fires a laser, the hero spits and stops the beam.
      BROTHER GRINN: Interesting train of thought, released have you, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: And never break wind in space, Brother Grinn, lest the force propels you into deep space.
      BROTHER GRINN: Ah, great mystery you solved, Brother Grinn, why NASA excluded beans from astronaut diet.
      Smiley 5-1

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello, Mr Ian.
      BROTHER GRINN: Why do you look so crestfallen, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: No bird, I am, Brother Grinn, to be crestfallen, but crown-fallen I remain.
      BROTHER GRINN: You must have been king of something, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Not something, Brother Grinn, but King of Sages. And that confusing one had robbed me of my crown.
      BROTHER GRINN: Well, Confucius was born in an earlier age and had a head start on you, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: And not a very clever sage, that one, Brother Grinn, for he spews spit but missed the greater mystery that is gravity.
      BROTHER GRINN: True, Brother Grinn, for that we need to wait the arrival of Newton.
      BROTHER GRINN: We need not for Newton wait, Brother Grinn, anymore than we need wait for Columbus to discover America.
      BROTHER GRINN: Are all sages as confusing as Confucius, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: I shall, as Galileo, avatar and regain my crown, only this time as King of Gravity.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, confusing all right, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Speak great truths, we sages always do. Our fault not, if listeners do not at the ninth plane commune.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, confusing, all right, Brother Grinn, I say again. Again. Any how, will our avatars be blue?
      BROTHER GRINN: What think you, Brother Grinn?
      Smiley 14-1

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello, Ms Lauren,
      BROTHER GRINN: This post of ours, strange things it does, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup, Brother Grinn. Ms Jane is wordless and now Ms Lauren is speechless too.
      BROTHER GRINN: At this rate, Brother Grinn, Brother Grinn-less will be this world.
      BROTHER GRINN: Or more probably, Brother Grinn, Eric-less!
      BROTHER GRINN: Careful, Brother Grinn, for the quill wields he is, better known to us as the Bald One.
      BROTHER GRINN: Power of the written word, Brother Grinn?
      BROTHER GRINN: Nope!
      BROTHER GRINN: He who writes on water, sends his writing to the oceans which spread the world over.
      BROTHER GRINN: Some hidden truth, in those words hide, Brother Grinn, I reckon.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup! And you wear the Sherlock cap and I smoke the Holms pipe, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Uncover we shall together, Brother Grinn, no matter where hides the truth.
      BROTHER GRINN: Yup! And it certainly does not hide in Eric’s hair.
      Smiley 7-1

      1. Oh no! We don’t want Brother Grinn-less or Eric-less, and where is the truth if it is hidden? Ahh, well, I ran across this quote: “Better a bald head than no head at all.” 🙂

    1. BROTHER GRINN: Hello, Ms Jane.
      BROTHER GRINN: Out with them, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Strange words, you spew, Brother Grinn, leaving me puzzled, they do.
      BROTHER GRINN: The words, Brother Grinn, out with them. Ms Jane is wordless.
      BROTHER GRINN: Thief, I’m not, Brother Grinn. Perhaps misplaced the words, she must have.
      BROTHER GRINN: Perhaps, you’re right, Brother Grinn. Perhaps we should help Ms Jane find her words.
      BROTHER GRINN: Great idea, it is, Holms.
      BROTHER GRINN: Why, thank you, Brother Grinn.
      BROTHER GRINN: Nope!
      BROTHER GRINN: Nope?
      BROTHER GRINN: I’m Sherlock, and you’re Holms.
      BROTHER GRINN: I get it, we’re twins.
      BROTHER GRINN: Bingo!

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