I’m happy to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel length book:

BROTHERS GRINN – Humour, Parody, Satire

Brothers Grinn_Bk1

The primary cast, as many of you know, are:

Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of Brother Grinn.


Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of – you guessed it – Brother Grinn.

You are confused? Well, have some pity for me as I had to keep these two in line. Just as well I did not end up in the nut house.

The Brothers Grinn proffer their unique brand of humour on issues such as family  values and children’s fairy tales. They also offer their words of wisdom on animal welfare, love, sex, marriage, the environment and – gasp – even politics (Yes, they do sink to gutter levels).

Not all readers might agree with their views but all are guaranteed to have a chuckle or even, full blown guffaws.

I’m dedicating this book to – ALL MY COMMENTERS – who visited, contributed and enthused me to keep going. The Brothers Grinn, who are natural born loose cannon, did not need any such encouragement. Asking them to comment on a topic – any topic – is akin to giving a politician or priest a microphone.

The manuscript is going through its final shake and rattle. I hope to have print copies available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers starting end February.

Thank you to my commenters who made it all possible.

************ ### ************

Due to other commitments, looks like my book release plans for 2015 might slip – and instead of 6, I’ll release 3 books this year.

I’m also doing script/screenplay reviews – check out what my clients have to say here > Scripts and Screenplays

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2015 ************


    1. “Hello, Ms Joyce, we missed you too.”
      “She missed your grin, Brother Grinn.”
      “And she missed your grin too, Brother Grinn.”
      “I’m grinning because I was born to keep people happy, Brother Grinn.”
      “I’m grinning because I’m filled with gin, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello, Ms Jane, Eric is also our hero.”
      “Yes, that he is, Brother Grinn.”
      “Stands guard in the cold chilly nights, all alone, Brother Grinn,”
      “Fights off the werewolves and zombies, Brother Grinn.”
      “Keeps us safe from harm, Brother Grinn.”
      “Where are you off to now, Brother Grinn.”
      “To reassure all the village maidens that they are safe, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello Mr David, trust the year has been good to you.”
      “Has the year been good to you, Brother Grinn.”
      “Well, not all of it but some have been very good, Brother Grinn.”
      “What are you on about, Brother Grinn.”
      “Well, Jan, April, May and June – I don’t mind reliving those again, Brother Grinn.”
      “Let’s keep this blog family friendly, shall we, Brother Grinn.”
      “What, you don’t believe in love, Brother Grinn?”

      1. Great to hear from you, Eric, or should I say all three of you? I’d hate to leave out the brothers or they might complain. I have your book sitting on my bedside table. I hope all is well.

      2. “Hello Mr David, we are all well and hope you are too.”
        “Who is we, Brother Grinn?”
        “We are the we, Brother Grinn.”
        “I thought we are the Brothers Grinn.”
        “That we are, Brother Grinn, but not when Eric joins us.”
        “Ah, I got it! We become the Brothers We when Eric joins.”
        “We are the Brothers Wee when Eric joins us?”
        “We become the we, when Eric joins us?”

        WHEEEEEEEEEEE – Eric just pulled the plug.

        Nice to know about the book sitting on your bedside table, David – many thanks for the support.
        All good wishes,

  1. Hello Eric, now you got us to a great start for the New Year – grinning all the year through! Brother Grinn (you know who you are), control your lolling tongue, or Eric will snip it, ha, ha. The other Brother Grinn, keep him in check. Anyway, a much deserved congratulations, Eric.

    1. “Hello Ms Windy, great start to the year, she says, Brother Grinn.”
      “What year is this, Brother Grinn?”
      “Twenty fifteen, Brother Grinn.”
      “Thank goodness, Brother Grinn. I don’t recall January been so hot.”
      “It’s June, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yeah, Brother Grinn, don’t I recall. She was a hot one 🙂 “

  2. I was delighted see this post and congratulate you on publishing the brothers. They are always good for a laugh and the world needs a few. I trust that the publicity won’t go to their heads – on second thoughts it’s bound to go to their heads but not yours. Perhaps you, Eric, can keep them in line? Best wishes for a successful launch and again, congratulations.

    1. “Hello Ms Jane, we are sho very grounded, sho not to worry.”
      “Yes, Brother Grinn is so grounded, he is lying on the floor.”
      “Hic! What did you shay, Brother Grinn?”
      “Is the world spinning for you, Brother Grinn?”
      “Yesh! And I’m doing my part to keep the world go around, Brother Gin.”
      “Grinn, Brother Grinn, not gin.”
      “Do you want me to keep the world go round, or not, Brother Grinn?”

    1. “Hello, Ms Janna, yes only three this year.”
      “Yes, we need to keep our readers on the edge, Brother Grinn.”
      “Clamouring for more, Brother Grinn.”
      “Please sir, can I have some more – more? – Brother Grinn.”
      “No, don’t stop, don’t stop – more – Brother Grinn.”
      “Gosh! I know what you will say next, Brother Grinn.”

  3. What a prolific writer you are, and how proud your family must be to see your work in print. Something for future generations to look back on. My congratulations to you on your impressive contributions to the literary arts.

    1. “Hello Mr Ian, you are a kind soul, sir. Isn’t he, Brother Grinn?”
      “What is he not, Brother Grinn?”
      “Okay, let’s just stop here, before Eric deletes us.”
      “Mr Ian said something about generations to come, Brother Grinn.”
      “Keep this up and Eric will stop writing about us, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh, we can’t have that, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yes, Brother Grinn, what will the future generations do?”
      “Have some peace and quiet!”

    1. “Hello Mr Dom, glad you liked the cover.”
      “Don’t I look cute, Brother Grinn.”
      “I look cuter than you, Brother Grinn.”
      “We’re identical twins, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh, in that case, we’re cuter than all the people who don’t look cute.”
      “Brother Grinn just lowered the bar, folks.”
      “You mean, it’s already opening time, Brother Grinn?”

    1. “Looks like Ms Val’s comment is not the only ones we missed, Brother Grinn.”
      “You can say that again, Brother Grinn.”
      “Looks like Ms Val’s comment is not the only ones we missed, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh, Brother!”
      “Yes, Brother Grinn?”

    1. “How did we ever miss this comment, Brother Grinn?”
      “Remember after that book launch, we started to party, Brother Grinn.”
      “That must have been some party, because I don’t remember, Brother Grinn.”
      “Remember what, Brother Grinn?”
      “The book launch party, Brother Grinn.”
      “I don’t remember, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello, Ms Juliana.”
      “She’s glad to see one of us back, Brother Grinn.”
      “And she missed one of us, Brother Grinn.”
      “She’s probably glad to see me back, Brother Grinn.”
      “In which case, she probably missed me, Brother Grinn.”
      “For once, we’re in agreement, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yup, you can say that again, Brother Grinn.”

      It’s me, Eric, whom Juliana is glad to see, because she missed me!

      “Did you hear that, Brother Grinn?”
      “Hear what, Brother Grinn?”
      “That voice from higher up, Brother Grinn.”
      “You know what this means, Brother Grinn?”
      “We’re in for an epiphany, Brother Grinn?”
      “No, it doesn’t matter what we two agree, Brother Grinn.”
      “What matters is, who wields the power, Brother Grinn.”
      “More like, who’s got his fingers on the touch pad, Brother Grinn.”
      “Eric is a little touchy today, isn’t he, Brother Grinn?”
      “The touch is mightier than the pen, Brother Grinn.”
      “Don’t I know, Brother Grinn?”
      “I wasn’t referring to your nocturnal activities, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello, Ms Georgia.”
      “Thank you, Ms Georgia.”
      “Sincerely, thank you, Brother Grinn.”
      “Thank you, sincerely, Brother Grinn.”
      “You make me look smart, Brother Grinn.”
      “You make me look intelligent, Brother Grinn.”
      “Is there a difference, Brother Grinn?”
      “Well, let me think, Brother Grinn.”
      “Yup, there’s a difference, folks!”

    1. “Hello, Mr Bill.”
      “We always behave ourselves, don’t we, Brother Grinn?”
      “Yup, that we do and only when we get into print that -”
      “We come alive!”

      “Are we alive now, Brother Grinn?”
      “No, we’re in print, Brother Grinn.”
      “Is that the same as been dead, Brother Grinn.”
      “You will be if you keep on this track, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello, Ms Diana, dear.”
      “What does ‘xo’ mean, Brother Grinn?”
      “Hugs and kisses, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh, I thought it meant executive officer.”
      “I like that too, ‘xo'”
      “Can you imagine, a military man signing off as ‘xo'”
      “Listen up, crew members of the USS Ass, we’ve presidential orders to launch our first strike nuclear arsenal. Hugs and kisses.”
      “We’ll love our enemy to death, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello Ms Yoshiko, how’ve you been?”
      “She’s doing well, Brother Grinn.”
      “How do you know that, Brother Grinn.”
      “See those smileys, Brother Grinn. That means Ms Yohiko is happy.”
      ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 ”
      “Okay, I get it – you’re happy too.”
      “What about you, Brother Grinn?”
      “I’ll just grin, Brother Grinn.”

      1. Thank you, Eric. I am trying to clean the mess that I have done. Thank God for the courage to move forward though some mistakes are done. 😳

    1. “Hello Mr. Mak, good to hear from you too.”
      “He says ‘all the best’ in Eric’s other plans.”
      “I think he wants us, the best, to be in Eric’s other plans.”
      “That’s a good plan, Brother Grinn.”

    1. “Hello, Ms Aparna, did you miss us?”
      “She missed the Brothers Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
      “That’s us, Brother Grinn.”
      “Us? I thought we’re the Brothers Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
      “Oh, brother!”
      “Yes, Brother Grinn?”

    1. “Hello, Ms Connie, and thank you.”
      “We do make a pair, Brother Grinn.”
      “I’m the one on the left.”
      “No, I’m the one on the left, Brother Grinn.”
      “Will you stop looking in the mirror, Brother Grinn.”
      “Why, Brother Grinn, aren’t we mirror images?”

    1. “Hello, Mr Joe.”
      “Isn’t that lovely, Brother Grinn, Mr Joe thinks we’re an inspiration to many.”
      “Well, Brother Grinn, if a couple of rudderless rockets like us are inspirational -”
      “No wonder all those clowns get elected, Brother Grinn.”
      “Watch it, Brother Grinn, let’s not run down the clowns.”
      “The clowns or ‘clowns’, Brother Grinn?”
      “Oops! I meant, let’s not run down clowns.”
      “One for me, Brother Grinn.”
      “Whew! Whew!”

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