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Cover reveal of my second Brothers Grinn book:

GRINN BROTHERS – Oh God, Father and More

Grinn Brothers_Bk2 (3)

Yes, they’re back πŸ™‚

The primary cast, as many of you know, are:

Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of Brother Grinn.


Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of – you guessed it – Brother Grinn.

In this edition, Β the dynamic duo tear apart the Godfather and Lord of the Rings trilogies. They also proffer their unasked for advice on fairy tails – sorry, tales – sex, love and life in general.Β Not all readers might agree with their views but all are guaranteed to have a chuckle or even, full blown guffaws.

Due to some other projects that will take up most of 2015, I’ve burned the midnight candle to fast forward the second instalment of Brothers Grinn. Inshallah, I hope to release the third of the Brothers Grinn trilogy – Grinn & Grinn – in 2016.

The print copies of the first two books – Brothers Grinn and Grinn Brothers – should be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers by late March 2015. Yes, I’ve decided to postpone the release of the first book in order to have a twin release – you guessed it – that’s what the terrible twins prefer.

Thanks to my commenters who made it all possible – I’ve dedicated the first book to all of you.

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