I’m happy to reveal the cover of my forthcoming novel length book:

BROTHERS GRINN – Humour, Parody, Satire

Brothers Grinn_Bk1

The primary cast, as many of you know, are:

Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of Brother Grinn.


Brother Grinn – a.k.a. Brother Grinn, twin brother of – you guessed it – Brother Grinn.

You are confused? Well, have some pity for me as I had to keep these two in line. Just as well I did not end up in the nut house.

The Brothers Grinn proffer their unique brand of humour on issues such as family  values and children’s fairy tales. They also offer their words of wisdom on animal welfare, love, sex, marriage, the environment and – gasp – even politics (Yes, they do sink to gutter levels).

Not all readers might agree with their views but all are guaranteed to have a chuckle or even, full blown guffaws.

I’m dedicating this book to – ALL MY COMMENTERS – who visited, contributed and enthused me to keep going. The Brothers Grinn, who are natural born loose cannon, did not need any such encouragement. Asking them to comment on a topic – any topic – is akin to giving a politician or priest a microphone.

The manuscript is going through its final shake and rattle. I hope to have print copies available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers starting end February.

Thank you to my commenters who made it all possible.

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Due to other commitments, looks like my book release plans for 2015 might slip – and instead of 6, I’ll release 3 books this year.

I’m also doing script/screenplay reviews – check out what my clients have to say here > Scripts and Screenplays

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2015 ************


    1. “I enjoy being Brother Grinn too, Brother Grinn.”
      “You enjoy being me, Brother Grinn?”
      “No, you enjoy being you, Brother Grinn and I’ll enjoy being Brother Grinn, Brother Grinn.”
      “Gawd! I need a drink, Brother Grinn.”
      “Here’s a gin, Brother Grinn 🙂 “

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