Well, Don, if I didn’t know you better, I’d say

you’re growing younger by the year.


How’s my ticker?


That of an athlete’s. You’ve stopped using contacts –




I see the scars but your eyesight seems to have self-corrected.

And, you’ve stopped using the wonder pill.


Perhaps I’m turning into a werewolf.


If only it were that simple, but how do I explain a seventy year old

billionaire in the body of a thirty year old billionaire!


I found the elixir of youth, Doc. All it takes is high stress, late

nights, fast women and bingeing. Same time next year?

Crown buttons up, heads for the door.


I’ll like to meet this Tibetan lama of yours.


All in good time, Doc, all in good time.

Crown exits. The doctor mutters to himself.


Heard that for the last five years.

************ Copyright @ Eric Alagan, 2014 ************

(YOUNG BLOOD could help reverse the ageing process, claim scientists)

Perhaps Bram Stoker was privy to something



    1. Yes, as I noted in my post above – perhaps Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, knew something that was not public knowledge.

      All good wishes, Eva, and thank you for your visit and comment,

  1. Nice one Eric! Just wondering why he needs the doctor at all, now that he has found the elixir of youth!! 🙂 God luck with the novel….. look forward to the excerpts 🙂

    1. Thank you, Madhu

      I suppose, the elixir of youth notwithstanding, even the young fell ill and he is sticking to his regular check-ups. But you’re right, as in reality, I used the doctor more as a prop so that Donald Crown can tell us his story.

      Yes, this WIP joins my burgeoning list of projects 🙂

      All good wishes,

  2. Eric, am not sure if there are witch doctors in Singapore. But back here, blood of life is an important item on the list of things that can bring you fortune. Throw in a head of a virgin fifty year old and the “doctor” will promise you heaven on earth.

    Been a while since I stopped by and am glad I did. These doses of entertainment are great day starters. 🙂

    1. Hello Jazilah,

      No witch doctors in Singapore but we do have ‘mediums’ – many are fakes.

      A virgin 50-year old > that would be a rarity 🙂 You certainly can’t find them in any priesthood.

      Thank you for your visit and all good wishes,

  3. I think this is a vampire plot to legitimatize their nocturnal feasts (or else this tale is shades of the Emperor’s New Clothes and the doc’s evaluation of the billionaire’s good health keeps him coming back the fake lama for the phony youth serum). Good story, Eric.

    1. Yes, it could be a plot by vampires in our midst – bankers, big business and others of their kind 🙂

      Thank you, VB and have a good one,

  4. Eric, those lucky billionaires, apparently that is the recipe for success after all. 🙂 I’m curious if Donald Crown is Thomas Crown’s brother or father, from the Thomas Crown Affair.

    1. Hello David,

      You’re right, we all have our personal recipes for sucess.

      No, Donald Crown is no relation to these other Crowns.

      My Donald keeps himself well below the radar – one of those true movers and shakers – he loves salt and pepper 🙂

      P/s I knew this theme would draw you – right up your alley.

      1. Funny you should say that, David – because I just completed the first chapter today – it’s going to be character rather than plot driven. I don’t know what got into me – it’s not a full moon night!

  5. If the reverse happens, that is if we are born old and die as a baby, we need smaller coffins and burial grounds. Also at our prime age when we have earned much to retire, spend and beautify ourselves, we are physically strong. Mental ability of course should step-up with the age. On the other hand, the aged could bring endangerment to this world, perhaps mother nature knows better. Sorry I’m digressing but your post lead me to this other thought.

    But you are right, even from the ancient time – emperors, maharajas, rulers of the world, have often sought for the elixir of life at the expense of many innocents; the young for the blood and the workers to toil in search of this. Only the poor cannot harbor such luxury.

    Very thought provoking fiction this is. Typically your style of writing to invoke many branches of consequences.

    1. Hello Windy,

      I recall reading somewhere that some sects in the Orient practised blood letting and transfusions – that some political leaders do so even now. I can’t recall the source.

      Thank you for your visit and comment,

  6. Why always blame the Tibetan lamas ? They seem to have gain popularity in imparting “wisdom” and “supernatural abilities”. Is this some kind of propaganda so we have more new monasteries to visit ?

    I meant this as a compliment. I think you can put more convoluted thoughts into a seemingly simple dialogue. Tibetan lamas that purportedly speak with underlying wisdom need to buck up, LOL.

    1. Hello Jasey dearest,

      Yes, the more removed, remote and esoteric – the easier it is to believe anything. You notice how they portray Buddhist monks in Hollywood movies – they are either chanting something unintelligible or speak like Yoda:


      Bright it is, when one sees the Light
      For it is the Light that one sees
      Which makes one see clearer


      Or some similar crap that people go “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah” over – or should that be “Aaaaah” and “Ooooh”? 🙂

    2. This really cracks me up. You sound like some of our higher management people who talk about one topic but present them in many different ways. But you are darned good, giving lamas a hard time to make “fake” living, LOL. What a crap, ha,ha,ha !!!

  7. Young blood… well, that’s creepy! No potential for abuse there (written with sarcasm, of course.) I guess I’d better keep an eye on the kids (or go harvest their blood.. I’m looking more my age these days 🙂 )

    1. Absolutely, no potential for abuse – it’s all above board and for the good of mankind.

      Harvest the boys’ blood – that gave me a good chuckle. Either you’ve a great sense of humour (I hope but also know) or there’re more than skeletons in your cupboard. LOL! Good one, Janna 🙂

    1. Hello Joyce,

      The ‘pill’ referred to here is the blue pill that middle aged men use. My apologies, if this did not come across. As it was a dialogue between two people who knew one another well, I could not make it too obvious without sounding clunky.

      You’re right – for the few hours, the pill does make one ‘young’ 🙂


      1. OK. Got it. With a pill like that we all would like one, but one that would work for all of our life. Forever young.:)

  8. This is a provocative eerie piece Eric, and I hank you. In reality I understand that the young blood thing still has a LONG way to go Apparently with the mice a transfusion didn’t do it they had to be con-joined so that they shared blood circulation for some time so that both bloods took on the characteristics of youth. Amazing that the youthful traits over-ruled the aging traits. I guess people will always search for the Holy Grail. I am surprised that your doctor wasn’t more curious and pressing, perhaps he wasn’t old enough to be really suffering the tribulations of old age. As my mother always said youth is wasted on the young!

    1. Hello Jane,

      You’re right, of course, based on published reports they have a long way to go. I was letting my imagination run ahead here. In any event, one never knows how much they chose to make public.

      The ‘doctor’ is personal physician to a billionaire and is perhaps guarding this cash register. It seems that Donald Crown has spun some story about how a Tibetan lama has —

      Feeble people tend to believe lies spewed by the powerful, even when they recognise the lie. The emperor’s new clothes?

      Youth is wasted on the young – that’s interesting and I agree. And the old appreciate youth only after they become old. We all pay a price for such wisdom, I reckon.

      Have a great weekend ahead,

  9. First, Eric, I cannot thank you enough for all your support for my blog!!!!!! Second, a quick question, what theme do you use? I am in the process of “fixing” my blog so, like yours, people can use it to order my books directly from me. In other words, use it like a website. Third, just had to share how blogging daily has added about 20 new followers so guess I will have to keep it up. I need better computer skills to do some things, but am getting there. I need to clone myself.

    1. Juliana dear,

      Your posts serve a crucial purpose in educating ignoramuses such as myself with regards to the environment. By visiting and (sometimes) posting comments, I do a tiny part to keep you going 🙂

      I use the Chateau theme, started in November 2011 and completely self-taught – read, make zillions of mistakes – to get where I am today. I’m not good in computers and if I can do it – anyone can!

      You know what they say – work on any new skill an hour a day and in two years you’ll be an expert.

      All the best – let’s keep giving one another the leg-up as required,
      P/s: Clone yourself – LOL! Let me know if you managed do to that – I need a couple of clones of myself too 🙂

    1. Hello Seyi dear

      I feel so blessed whenever someone addresses me as ‘my friend’. Blogging has its moments – and this is one of those best moments.

      With much kind thoughts and respect from Singapore,

  10. Well if only but for now I shall continue to keep fit and eat well… Boring as that is I am still standing. Great piece, intriguing as always. Xx

    1. I’m with you, Willow dear – old fashioned moderate food intake, exercise and plenty of sleep 🙂

      Glad that you found this piece intriguing.

      Have a great weekend,

    1. Now that’s a thought – LOL!

      Have a good weekend, Ian

      P/s: Rushing off to an appointment. These Tibetan lamas – it’s getting crowded around their feet (what prime real estate) and I don’t want to lose my spot 🙂

    2. Be careful to keep your money well hidden. I used to keep it in my undergarments on an overnight train trip. I figure out if someone is messing around there I’ll be wide awake instantly!

  11. This was creepy in a very subtle way, which I love. It brings to mind some interesting science fiction type of social commentary. Great job Eric!

  12. I have heard that young blood made old mice “younger”… Maybe this is also the case… By the way I loved the ending linnes by the Doctor… Good one, Eric…
    Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

    1. Hello Aquileana,

      Yes, they usually start with lab mice and work their way up. The experiment is reportedly a long way from completion but I reckon just as in ‘cloning’ after a certain point – they’ll send this underground.

      Thank you for your well wishes and support 🙂

    1. Hello Val,

      The younger, the more dangerous and more open to abuse.

      They hope to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia – quite a bit of moral and ethical issues here, especially when the question of harvesting living blood is thrown into the discussions.

      All good wishes,

      1. I just added a couple of more lines – I don’t know what got into me – is it a full moon night? Or is it spontaneous authoring?

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