Wow! A 5-star review from “Anne Lee”.

I could not tell from the Amazon website, where she lives but Anne if you are reading this – thank you so very much. Reviews such as yours make it all worthwhile. Thank you, you made my day – make that, my week!

If you have published and received reviews – please share how you reacted and responded. For me, it’s worth more than money.

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Anne titled her review:

A unique experience of finishing a self-help book in one read and found all my answers.

May 3, 2014 By Anne Lee

This is totally radical! Most of HR books tend to be thick and heavy in contents. Layers of theories and principles to remember, enough for me to shelf it, maybe permanently. Human Capital Growth Model, this book is a steal. I get a simple five(5) steps procedure of how to set up my own table of evaluation (no complicated calculation, just using a very basic spreadsheet).

The clear explanations with anecdotes from the author’s experiences add humor and logical thinking to his analysis. He breaks complicated processes to simple and easily digestible portion that let me experience a smooth, pleasurable and most interesting read. What is more, after reading the book, I don’t have this question of: “so how and where do I start”. No, the answers are in there. I have applied the method taught, come up with my own table and I can tweak my contents anytime as required. You may think I am crazy to say this book is a page turner, and get all excited, but that is exactly what is shown in my headline. Many books promise answers but this book delivers the answers.

I love this book….

************ To Anne Lee ************

I hope you are reading this – Thank you 🙂

************ Kind Regards, Eric ************


  1. I’m happy to have made your acquaintance before now. You’re multi-talented and it thrills me to bits that you’ve continued to share your passion and wealth of knowledge with everyone.

    This review about your book is great and it also mirrors who you are. Many thanks to Ann, who took time to write it.

    And to you, my good friend, I say well done and keep up the good work. We support you.

    1. What a generous comment – thank you, Uzo, my friend 🙂

      We take nothing with us (other than our lessons learnt) – why not leave something behind to help prevent others making mistakes we already paid for, I reckon.

      Yes, I’m thankful to Anne too.

      All good wishes,

    1. Thank you Indira,

      I consider posting, commenting and replies as all part of blogging. Some bloggers focus on posting, are frugal with their comments – and perfunctory with their replies, if any. I appreciate and understand your problem with language and how you struggle – so please, this is not directed at bloggers such as yourself 🙂

      This is also one reason why I did not take up your offer of continuing on my blog that story – Vacation.

      If I upload posts in my blog, I’ll have to give constructive replies to all comments. I don’t have the time for this and that’s why I cut down my posts from daily to thrice a week. I can post fast but to show consideration to blog commenters, eats up time.

      My offer remains open – I can post the continuation of the “Vacation” on your blog – perhaps once a fortnight and you handle the replies in whatever fashion you feel right. But if you chose not – it’s okay, I assure you with all sincerity 🙂

      Thank you, Indira, for your continued visits and comments and you’ll keep seeing me pop over as always 🙂

      Peace and blessings,

      1. Thanks for understanding my problem Eric. I really struggle for words and end up in saying very nice and thanks a lot. It’s an art to reply in different manner to every reply, in which you excel.
        Peace and blessings.

  2. Flowing support and care my lovely buddy, for all the loving generosity and caring support that you flow forth. Richly are a wise owl. Xxxx

    1. Hello Janna,

      I believe you’re working on several, or at least one, book(s). That first sale is an exhilarating feeling – and then, the first (hopefully positive) review even more so.

      All good wishes with your writing 🙂

    1. Contagious joy – that’s lovely as the world can do with more joy.

      Thank you, Val dear, for your well wishes and presence here 🙂

      Luv and hugz,

  3. I join everyone here and give you my heartiest congratulations. Believe your joy is not only in receiving a great review, but that your book has benefited the reader. I hope many more readers will benefit from your books.

    1. Hello Windy,

      Yes, it means much whenever my work touches a person – makes it all worthwhile. Authoring can be quite lonely and one grapples with tidal waves of self doubt, all the time.

      Thank you for stopping by with your lovely comment.

      Have a great week ahead,

    2. It’s just that the market is too big now and many of us missed out on really good stuff, be it books, music, video, etc. Reviews to some extent help readers to narrow their choices. In effect, we are helping one another.

      As all here vouch for your work, you can put aside the self doubt, me thinks. You deserve a big pat !

      1. Thank you Windy,

        All you say is right – it’s difficult to be heard above the din.

        It’s always good to harbour some self doubt – a wee bit – to keep one grounded and humble, me thinks. But your point is well taken and thank you.

        Have a good week ahead,

    1. You know me well, my dear – flattery will get you everywhere with me – LOL!

      But seriously, thank you for your kind words,

    1. Hello Diana,

      Yes, it’s a bright sunshine on a Monday morning and perked me up.

      I’ve been bushy tailed all morning 🙂


    1. Thank you, Norma,

      For passing on the links to your manager. This is marvellous and I’m humbled by your gesture 🙂

      All good wishes,

      1. I hope to be deserving of your recommendation, dear.

        Once again, thank you,
        P/s Just returned after my evening walk-a-jog and off to hit the showers. After that, I’m going to enjoy a nice glass of Jack Daniels – little rewards 🙂

  4. As Floyd Mayweather proved, to BE the champion DOESN’T require the most PUNCH(ES), just the BEST. So too, blogging and, serious authorship. I CAN’T provide YOU a accurate enough CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. Hello “D” – first comment here, I see. Welcome aboard 🙂

      Very true – it’s the winning punch thrown, the winning ball in the net, the winning yard cleared and that nose length win 🙂

      All good wishes,

    1. Thank you, Mike, readers make authors otherwise, we remain as writers – never the reverse, I reckon.

      Have a great week ahead,

  5. Fabulous. Maybe I should go and see if anyone has reviewed mine yet. At the benefit dinner with about 40 or so people at my house last night, one person, who has read my book, announced to everyone how much he loved it. I felt both thrilled and astonished.

    1. Hello Juliana,

      That’s lovely and if he didn’t post a review – gently ask him. People, by nature, are generous and always willing to help.

      As self-published authors, we also have to self-market. This is difficult, daunting and makes many of us self-conscious. For me this is the real challenge facing self-published authors – marketing and distribution. Of course, the assumption is – we offer a good read.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I find your posts on the weather and environment educational.

    1. Hello Ian, thank you and good morning 🙂

      My youngest daughter, who is completing her final uni exams this week, gave some good news. Some weeks ago, she had started applying for jobs and had been attending job interviews. She had read my book and apparently, it had proven useful for her interviews. This made all my efforts with this book worth my while.

      Incidentally, my daughter has landed a job – not because of my book, I hasten to add, as she is talented.

      When she was a kid, she actually gave me a business idea, which Lisa and I pursued (we were self-employed) and landed a nice contract with the Singapore General Hospital.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I love those photo images you send over – can’t resist adding my captions 🙂

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