1. Ah, in the golden age of Grunge music (early to mid 90’s) there was a band called Soundgarden. The had a song, Black Days. A line from it was “hands are for shaking, not tying”
    I was involved with a real winner (insert sarcasm here) at the time, and he took me to have our palms read. The reader told me that I would have 4 children with that guy. I told her “hands are for shaking, not lying.” Well, I broke it off with that guy and no, he is not the daddy to my 3(not 4) kids. That is what I thought of here, haha.

    1. Hello Eva dear,

      I think most palm readers are crooks – all one has to do is to read any number of books on the internet and set oneself up as an expert.

      But there are truly talented and gifted people who read palms to help avert or minimise catastrophes in one’s life, I reckon.

      Glad you recognised that “winner” before it was too late.


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