Calling all Singapore residents, here’s a chance to have your short story published for book launch at the Singapore Writers Festival 2015.

(For my non Singapore based blogging friends – please forgive this intrusion)

Fiona Tan-Low and Sam Choo, who attended a seminar I conducted on fiction writing, have encouraged me to start a writing group. Due to time constraints, I resisted the idea but after bumping into them at a recent seminar, we decided to go ahead.

Meet Up

The target: Publish an anthology of short stories (about 10,000 words each) in time to launch during the Singapore Writers Festival in 2015.

The genre: Romance, comedy, thriller, dungeons and demons, historical fiction and so forth – you decide – for general (G) audience

Modus Operandi: For now, once a month meet up to discuss the craft of writing that provides clear and definite takeaways – something you can use to write your story or polish up an existing unpublished manuscript.

Thin on theory, thick on actual writing!

The authors: Twelve would be nice but even if only three sign up, it’s a go!

Cost: No charge for my time – however, all interactions will be within the group and not on a one-to-one.

If you’re interested, click on this link, The Write Team > sign up and send in your RSVP.

See you on 25 April.

*** 18 months from now, join me on stage to launch your book ***


    1. Hello Lauren 🙂

      Yes, I’m prepared to give it a go and it’ll depend on the response and commitment of all who sign up.

      Thank you for the well wishes,

  1. My friend, Eric, all the best on the endeavour being embarked upon, even the back story will most certainly have its own tales to share. I sincerely hope twelve Singapore writers join the conversation on offer to share in the exchange. All the best friend, writer and author.

    1. Thank you, Sean

      For your well wishes. I’m not an international best selling author (yet) 🙂 When I make it – it’ll be different, I suppose 🙂

      For now, I’ll settle for three budding authors – LOL!


      1. Still an author 🙂

        Three, Eric, always counts as rain LOL, watch out for the other nine tumbling through the clouds to hit the ground running 🙂

        This weekend here is the running of the Stawell Gift, a handicapped sprint (running) event over a century old.

        Thus all the best for your writers’ run on the Singapore Writers Festival next year 🙂
        Cheers, Sean

    1. LOL! That’s truly a lovely comment 🙂

      I wonder how onerous it is to do something like this on-line. Okay, baby steps for now – let me get this local group going, if at all.

      All good wishes,

  2. Good luck with this laudable endeavor – I hope that you manage to circumvent the famous quote. “So little time, so much to do” Churchill or reversed ” So much to do, so little time’ Willie Wonka.
    Either way it confirms the belief that the most precious commodity is time.
    All the best,

    1. That’s the truth, isn’t it, Jane dear.

      Time is the most precious and time management is a skill and an art. I’ve yet to fail in this regards – but am fully aware that I’m quite young, in this regards 🙂

      Thank you for your well wishes,

  3. Good news to hear that you are helping to nurture home grown talent, dedicating your precious time and effort. Look forward to see what they’ll come up with.

    1. Hello Jasey,

      I’m willing and ready to help out in whatever small way I can, but if the response is poor or people non committed – I’ve better use for my time.

      We’ll see how it goes.


  4. Hey Mr. Eric, I am the leader of a writer’s group in Florida. Our group critiques each others work. We send it via email and critique on our own time, then go over it at the meeting. We meet twice a month. My writing improved immensely from this process. There are dozens of writers groups all over Florida as a part of the Florida Writer’s Association. Some groups are strictly critique, and some are strictly speaker meetings on the mechanics and art of writing. I just thought I’d give you a little insight as to what we do, in case it might help you at all. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to share our processes. Good luck with your writer’s group.

    1. Hello Lori,

      Why, thank you for this generous offer.

      Has anyone in your group published any book(s) or are these works-in-progress. If already published, I would love to hear more – would you prefer I emailed you regarding this? Or, do you have any info posted on your blog?

      This venture is going to be a group effort and with definite takeaways and target – publish an anthology.

      I’ll certainly contact you if we run into any roadblocks.


      1. Hey Eric, well, we all write different genres. We don’t meet to work on a group project. But, yes, one of our authors has many published novels. She is a fantasy author. Myself and another have had short stories published in magazines. The rest are still working to get published (and we all have WIPs). At this time, there are 10 of us in total. You are welcome to email me, and I can send you the guidelines for how our group runs. The address should be in the email response. If not let me know and I’ll contact you.

    1. Thank you, Celestine, this is lovely

      I’m sure there are similar events in your neck of the woods – or, you can gather a handful to get started.

      All good wishes,

    1. Hello Uzo, my friend,

      There is much latent talent here and all it takes is some nurturing – and we’ll see them bloom, I reckon.

      Thank you for your well wishes,

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