1. I once had a palm reading, when I was on the train, going somewhere. It was very accurate, which must be the reason why I still remember today. @}-

    1. Hello @D

      There are gifted people out there as there are crooks. Looks like you were fortunate to encounter a truly gifted palm reader.

      Good for you and happy for you.


      1. Because there are good ones, I don’t just discard psychics, palm readers ao. I listen to the good ones and remember well what they said, because I recognize the truth.

        @}- @D

    1. Thank you, David – and I agree that relationships are just that – the most valuable.

      I believe when we travel and live among other peoples – as you’re doing in Korea – we get insights that no book or movie can convey.


  2. I cannot see the lines on your palm that tells many wonderful stories behind, but I’m so glad that you are sharing them in your words and thoughts – whether thought provoking, hilarious or sad ones. Let’s shake on that !

    1. Hello Jasey dearest,

      Yes, it’s unimportant what colour, creed or social status we belong to – all, so very important for the superficial among us – but only that we can spread friendship and peace.

      We’ll shake on that 🙂

  3. a river there still runs…..tho I’ve forgotten where it goes………might we run before the dying takes a hold………… yes, indeed Eric

  4. I’m pleasantly surprised, Eric. Not only does the poem arouse some thought within me, it also points to a practice which was once in existence in the culture of my people. Back then, there were people believed to interprete one’s behavior and destiny by reading the lines on the palm of their right hand. If you are considered evil or troublesome, people would steer clear.

    1. Your comment brought this to the fore, Uzo my friend >>> We are all connected by the lines of our lives.

      It’s also common in the culture of my maternal grandfather – the reading of the palm to discern a person’s fortunes. Where difficulties are suspected, all sorts of prayers and talismans are prescribed.

      Yes, palm reading is quite prevalent across cultures.

      Thank you for your visit and comment,

  5. Thought-provoking poem! I like how your writing makes me turn over phrases in my mind and look at the face-value of the words as well as alternate interpretations.

    1. You know, Janna, dear

      I’ve two favourites:

      – drop a pebble in the brush fringed pond, and see what flutters out

      – we all look into the mirror, and see different

      What we see fluttering out or gazing back – is right for us.

      Peace and blessing

    1. Sad but true, Dom

      We can’t change the world, they say.

      How about changing ourselves – for a start.

      I always do extend my hand in friendship – sometimes, when I retrieve my hand, my ring is missing.


    1. Ian,

      You for one always seek out the hand of friendship. Perhaps you don’t view yourself so, but you’ve touched many – in positive ways – during your time in Asia.

      I wish we could have met while you were in Singapore. But no worries – if I ever come your way —

      All good wishes,

  6. HI Eric, you have the Haiku down pat – and you always manage to stimulate thought. I know that the hand of friendship is often metaphoric and in this age of high speed internet communications one could also add that friendship floats across oceans as electrons.
    Cheerio, friend,

    1. That’s right, Jane dear – floating across the oceans in cyberspace.

      Yes, it’s definitely metaphoric.

      We can also take the literal – no two palm prints are the same, the lines on the right tell relate to journeys completed, the lines on the left relate to probabilities, and so forth. Each to their own – take your pick from the buffet 🙂

      All good wishes for the weekend,

  7. Hello Eric… Really touching… at the end it is beautiful to see how friends hold hands, isn’t it?… Thanks for sharing and all the very best for you, Aquileana 🙂

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