Clothes make a man – or hide his intentions?


Check out this post > The Failed Experiment > for the genesis of elaborate coverings. If you prefer a haiku, check out Cockerel Feathers.

I do apologise for not uploading Fallen Grace yesterday. As some of you know, I’ve had computer glitches – since resolved.

The next episode of Fallen Grace returns on Wednesday 24 July 2013. As of this week, all subsequent episodes will come on-line on the Wednesday slot. Thank you for reading.

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    1. Hello Jane buddy 🙂

      It looks like loose sand. When parted, we come upon rich loamy. Dig deeper and marvel at what each layer gives up.

      Much luv and hugz from a friend,

  1. Seems like something Daniel learned…and something we all need to reflect upon. So we don’t walk around showing our bits and pieces, is one thing…but how we dress is another. It is vanity or do we really care if we dress like complete snobs or slobs? Who have we become through modesty? It’s origins in The Garden of Eden…my fig leafs, depending on the company, can be rather teeny….hehe

    1. Hello Eva dearest,

      Yes, at one level – this refers to outer garments. As you go deeper, it refers to the masks we wear > see also At yet another level, we share Daniel’s lessons regarding the distortion of the living aura – the ‘sheath’ at birth. All peer into the mirror and each takes away that which they perceive.

      I share your sentiments about modesty but it is a splinter buried deep and would require major surgery to fix, if at all.

      Peace and blessings,

  2. Each of your haikus are like a power pack. The message has a lot to offer in just a few words.

    My take on this poem: It’s a man attitude–first thought within–that defines him. His clothes are just secondary.

    1. Thank you Uzo,

      I believe the best poems/haiku are those that allow various depths of interpretation – depending on the reader’s reference point. I try to achieve this by layering – most often, I fail. But that is the challenge.

      Peace my friend,

    1. Pardon me if I take time out to think this over, Mike. To be compared with Polonius — Well, you did say he got it wrong. Okay, then 🙂


    1. Thank you, Susan,

      Trust it’s not too heavy going.

      All good wishes,
      P/s I wonder whether that creep missed your early morning walks 🙂

    1. Well, I always say,

      When one is lazy, one becomes frugal even in words 🙂

      But seriously, it is presumptuous to preach – we leave that to politicians and priests. Most people can read for themselves. One merely needs to point out the book, if at all.


  3. oh when a man/woman wants to hide they will use any thing that can mask their true self, convince themselves this is what they are…days it will work , days it won’t but would we ever give up and be what we truly are!

    1. Yes, most times the trickery works but one needs to slip up only once – then, the only job available in the country is to become Chief Minister 🙂

  4. this does make the reader think, we are social animals but need to be socially responsible tho indivdual definition of “socially responsible” differs so widely, well this could be another whole post Eric! love the poetry, always a treat for me!

    1. Yes, that can be expanded into another post – wanna try writing a poem – you can do it 🙂

      Thank you my dear, for your ever presence and encourgament.


  5. when do people stop
    lauding themselves my sage friend?
    when they know their worth!

    Loved your Haiku…thought provoking as always…have a great day Eric.

  6. This haiku really got me to thinking, Eric.

    We reveal ourselves and our preferences in the way we adorn ourselves, so in a way, our choice of clothing reveals who we are. But then again there are those who use adornment as an art, to some researched, scientific degree, to deceive and to impress. No matter, even in spite of outward appearances, the essence of a person shines through, even with the most expensive and impressive worldly couture, not to the gullible, but to those who can discern the essence and intents of the heart.

    Peace, Dee

    1. You’re absolutely right, Dee.

      As long as we’re aware that clothes don’t make the man – it is the man who lends credence to what he wears.

      At a metaphysical level – one cannot hide, for those with eyes shall surely see through the deceit – and so, some believe.

      All peace and blessings my dear,

    1. I approached haiku with trepidation too but took that plunge and soon discovered it’s not as deep as feared.

      We aircraft engineers are a special breed, me thinks 🙂 – okay, pilots included 🙂

    1. LOL, good one 🙂

      Yes, sure helps with the second helping for some. I speak of more than mere food – as I suspect, you did too.

      Wishing you great days ahead, Bill,

    1. Makes one pause, I hope, Barb.

      Like you, I take long walks – helps to reflect on how inconsequential and artificial we can become.

      Peace my dear,

    1. Not too heavy for a Monday morning, I hope, Ian.

      All good wishes for the week ahead,
      P/s You’re right about the computer – though fixed for now, something tells me it is preparing to give up its soul 🙂

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