Many of you are aware of my request regarding comments – I welcome your Comments…yours please…not some borrowed quote.

Some people are fond of quoting some dead fellow as if that is the final word on the subject.

This is a little presumptuous, I reckon.

First, it assumes that others are ignorant of that dead fellow’s writing. Second, perhaps it is to impress others of how well read one is – if that is the intent – Hmmm. Third, the implication is, dead fellows are always right. Think flat world theory; bleeding a patient to cure him; earth, the centre of the universe; and many more fallacies that held sway until debunked.

Even now, there are many ‘flat world’ theories passed off as facts – all the more when spewed by some lettered luminary from a brand name institution.

Dead Wisdom

This is not to say every dead guy was wrong – far from it. Most of them are right. But only one thing is sure about ALL dead guys – they are dead!

I prefer to hear your voices, your thoughts.

What do you think?

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  1. I guess the bottom line is there is no new knowledge. The reality was already there before some bright spark of a scientist or philosopher “discovered” it. lol

  2. also, not everyone who looks at WordPress blogs is a writer, some people just love looking through the amazing plethora of ideas and posts on here and like to leave just a passing thought, even if it is a borrowed one! OK I’m gone now…. 🙂

    1. You’re very right, not everyone is a wordsmith. And as I’ve mentioned, some people simply love to impress others with name dropping.

      Have a good day 🙂

  3. Well I don’t completely agree. Of course it would be lovely if everyone was a poet or philosopher and had their own unique voice, spewing forth pearls of wisdom to share with Humanity every day – but that’s just not the way it is. Not everyone finds it easy to say how they feel at the drop of a hat. Quoting from a long dead poet or famous source that you have read or heard of, or that you simply admire, often says to the person being told the quote, ‘I may be a man of few words, but I want to share this idea that another part of the human race had at one time that really resonated with me – you may have heard the quote, you may not have – but I certainly couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself so here you go…’ I love to read or hear someone quoting someone else and one day I hope to be admired enough (especially when I am dead) that someone will see fit to take the words from my mouth and share them with another human being. <3 Peace <3

    1. No two person can completely agree on most things — I agree.

      Perhaps a careful reading of the post and the comments that follow might be enlightening.

      1. I did read the post carefully and the comments and I understand what you are saying and for the most part I agree with you – yes it can be annoying for some to constantly see quotes – and yes of course it is true that sometimes those quotes from ‘dead people’ may be outdated in their validity or scientific truth, for example, I myself have been infuriated by others’ continued flaunting of quotes en mass as it were – however over the years I have come to appreciate the mechanism behind someone’s thought process in quoting another and in general it is an appreciative thing and like I said before, not everyone is able to express themselves and like to use others’ words to do it for them. That’s not to say they don’t have gifts of their own, they may be an amazing plumber or electrician or make the most spectacular cakes, they just can’t string a few words together how they would like to show another what they are thinking. Surely as writers, the hope is that our words will be remembered and what better way to be remembered than have another guy stick your ‘faous quote’ on a bumper sticker LOL 😉

  4. Eric, I agree with you. As much as I have found some truth to an old quote from the deceased, or overly used and worn cliche I believe it hampers our own perspective and view on life and the challenges presented today in our generation, and in our era. It is like one cannot think for themselves to compose and verbalize their own thoughts.

  5. Hi Eric, just wondering if you dislike all quotes from dead people or just quotes from dead people being shared on your blog. Also, is it all dead people or just some, because there have been many spiritual people that are followed and imho have had some beautiful and inspirational things to say. I must admit, i am one of those FB people who likes to share quotes that i find that make me think, or reflect,and feel good, and I have been told by some of my friends that they like them I also would be afraid of seeming presumptuous if I shared my quote about life, love, whatever.Guess I am hiding behind another person’s words but I do not have your way with words, not even close! In fact, I am always so pleased when you “like” my words. Wow, right now I sound like Sally Field ttyl 🙂

    1. No, I never said I dislike all quotes – that’s simplifying to such an extent that it actually swings it to the opposite end. Please do read my comments and replies in this post to get a better feel.

      I visit and leave comments on posts that I enjoy. Where I can’t add value or say something worthwhile, I leave behind a “like” – as I’ve “liked” your posts.


    1. It is interesting that people bask in the light of others – while ignoring the light within. All it takes is some small effort to bring one’s light forth, I reckon.


    1. Hello ChristyB,

      Another advantage these dead guys have is – they were here before us and got to say some sooner.

      Oh, worry not about digging them out – they all lost out to the worms!

      🙂 Eric

  6. Death does seem to bestow great wisdom on some. Our politicians become much wiser after they die, actually sometimes they only have to retire to become sought after for their wise counsel. Very thoughtful Eric.

    1. Very true – in death/retirement, many take on a persona that eluded them when they were alive – as in alive and/or active.

      Have a great weekend, Dennis 🙂

      — Eric —

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