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Many of you are aware of my request regarding comments – I welcome your Comments…yours please…not some borrowed quote.

Some people are fond of quoting some dead fellow as if that is the final word on the subject.

This is a little presumptuous, I reckon.

First, it assumes that others are ignorant of that dead fellow’s writing. Second, perhaps it is to impress others of how well read one is – if that is the intent – Hmmm. Third, the implication is, dead fellows are always right. Think flat world theory; bleeding a patient to cure him; earth, the centre of the universe; and many more fallacies that held sway until debunked.

Even now, there are many ‘flat world’ theories passed off as facts – all the more when spewed by some lettered luminary from a brand name institution.

Dead Wisdom

This is not to say every dead guy was wrong – far from it. Most of them are right. But only one thing is sure about ALL dead guys – they are dead!

I prefer to hear your voices, your thoughts.

What do you think?

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