The Prompt Image was > PHASES of the MOON.

You are all invited to read the different takes – all 55-worders about the phases of the moon.

I received twenty one (21) contributions! A record!

Take your time, relish, linger and reflect.

And in no discernible order, we present:

To get the ball into play, we have newcomer Henk Mulder blogging as geneticfractals

1_Hank Mulder_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Aubrey Alagos blogging as Fiction for Supper has titled her’s The Werewolf and the Moon

1_Aubrey Alagos_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please enjoy the contribution from Jane Dougherty blogging as Jane Dougherty Writes

1_Jane Dougherty_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Next we have one from Bill. Please read billgncs blogging as bwthoughts

1_Bill_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome and enjoy Freya blogging as Freya Writes

1_Freya_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Georgia blogging as Bastet and Sekhmet shares her Time’s End

1_Georgia_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome once more, Soumya Vilekar blogging as SOUMYAV

1_Soumya_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

We have newcomer to the Gallery, Marcus blogging as alarmingman with Reflections:

1_Marcus_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

My pleasure to welcome back the ever supportive Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld

1_Jane Stansfeld_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

As my regular readers know, Jane was my Blog Pick for April 2013

Next, The Watcher penned by Penny G blogging as Poems ‘n Stuff

1_Penny G_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

A fun contribution from regular participant, Yoshiko blogging as YOSHIKO

1_Yoshiko_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

We’re All Phased from Ron Yarosh blogging as Humorous Interludes

1_Ron Yarosh_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Regular contributor, Peg Richards blogging as Listening For Joy offers up Ebb and Flow

1_Peg Richards_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Another lovely friend and regular contributor to these galleries, please welcome Susan whose goes by

Susan456 blogging as A Woman’s View of Hunting…with men

1_Susan_55WFF_The Watchman

Return contributor, Troy blogging as troysherdahl

1_Troy_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome newcomer to the gallery, AR Neal blogging as One Starving Activist

1_AR Neal_55WFF

Good friend, Paul Grignon blogging as PAUL GRIGNON takes a celestial approach with The Moon Beams:

1_Paul Grignon_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Welcome first time contributor to the gallery, Nivedita Shori blogging as Miles To Go

1_Nivedita_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Carroll Boswell has been following and reading my blog almost ever since I started blogging. My pleasure to feature his contribution here. Carroll Boswell blogging as Caleb’s Eye

1_Carroll Boswell_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

The next contribution from Nicole Moseley blogging as Bipolar Christianity. Please enjoy The One Who Watches – and no, it is not the NSA:

1_Nicole Moseley_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

The next contribution from Ben blogging as The Most Excellent Way

1_Ben_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Thank you for joining us. That’s a wrap folks 🙂

If you enjoyed this visit, you are invited to join in the next gallery. Don’t be shy or anxious as we are here to help to shoe-in and not to criticize.

I shall return with a new Image Prompt, a 55-word Flash Fiction and some guidelines on how you can showcase and share your talent.

Share – Enjoy – Grow – for ultimately, we are left only with memories.


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    1. Hello Val,

      There is plenty here to whet every discerning appetite, I reckon. Glad you found one that attracted you. Fabulous 🙂

      All good wishes,

  1. Many thanks for posting my entry Eric, and Wow!! so many wonderful and differing views of the Moon and her Phases. . Every one a gem…It’ll take ages visiting each one but I will try… xx

  2. Again, as before, there are some really good ones here. So many ways to see the moon, so many perspectives. Been kind of busy with some unfinished fiction projects of my own so will have to catch up on reading some of your recent posts, and the contributions coming in. All good stuff.

    1. Thank you Joyce, for taking time out to stop and comment. All good wishes with your fiction projects and pop over when time permits.

      Yes, we have here a wide spectrum of writings about the moon and its phases.


    1. Hello Brian,

      Welcome aboard 🙂

      Yes, once you’re settled, hope you have you participate in the next ‘gallery’

      All good wishes with the upheaval,

    1. Yes, and you came through with a dark one, Susan. You did say that you’re into horror – happy to have you join us.

      Take care in your early morning walks – for he flits in the shadows, he flies among the branches and you never know when a hand lands on your shoulder – shudder!

      1. Eric. I couldn’t find a private email to notify you about this…

        I got about 18 emails from you this AM. But they weren’t meant for me. They were apparently written to people who either published on your blog or commented to you. I won’t mention their names. You were writing them back about their comments, etc.

      2. Ron,

        I can understand your consternation and do apologise – but it is out of my hands. WP does have a habit of playing up and after a few hours or even days, the problem goes away – perhaps when one their IT monkeys resets whatever he ‘unset’ in the first place.

        For example, today I can’t click open the orange button that appears on top R/H that notifies all ‘comments’ and ‘likes’ – was working alright last night!

        There is also a possibility that when you ticked “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” – this set things in motion.

        My suggestion is – if the problem persists, please contact WP Support – generally they are very good in fixing glitches.

        I wonder whether other readers are also receiving unsolicited email notifications —

        All good wishes,

      3. Here we go again – I’ve visited 10 blogs this morning. I can leave comments but could not tick the ‘Like’ buttons on all the blogs because they are permanently ‘loading’

        As I mentioned, WP plays up every once in a while 🙁

      4. Eric, I’m getting more of those emails again today. I contacted WP. Let’s see what happens. If it continues, I’ll have to unsubscribe with you.(I’ll let you know if and when I do it) Please do the same with my blog at the appropriate time to insure we have no connection.

      5. WP said they would unsubscribe me from your blog. Let’s see what happens. I can always resubscribe.

      6. Fine. I’ll wait a few days to let the computer gremlins calm down then I’ll resubscribe and see what happens. Cheers.

  3. Beautiful work, uncle Eric. Here is my 55 cents.

    serrated shadows
    heavy stillness

    moon beams
    seep from the round edges of time

    I dance
    to the drifting echoes
    of cricket songs and hidden callers

    janus has a new face

    cock-crow, clock-stroke
    morning hides behind his hood
    lunacy drips from his lips :

    white, ember, black , grey

    janus has a new face

    foppish desire
    inchoate dreams

    1. Ah, Uzo – this is lovely.

      You missed the gallery, as it were and perhaps can join in the next one.

      I didn’t know you wrote poetry and look forward to reading more of your works.

      All good wishes,
      P/s Say hello to my darling girl there 🙂

  4. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm, Eric. It gives us all a lot of pleasure seeing our efforts showcased like this. There are some lovely bit of poetry in there. Reblogged and tweeted.

    1. Yes, Jane, it does take up many hours of reading/compiling/checking and rechecking – but it is all worthwile, I reckon.

      Thank you for participating, reblogging and tweetering.

      Much appreciate everything you’ve done,

      1. Thank-you Eric! Ah!I see I’ve created a new word! I think it’s better that you have success rather than siccess! 😉

    1. Glad you’re back in the blogging scene, Somi – missed you plenty 🙂

      The Werewolf and the Moon is bad – in a nice dark way. I enjoyed it immensely too.

  5. I had a good smile at them all. They are great. Maybe one time I will gave ago. Still finding my way around.

    1. Glad the contributions put a smile on your face, Barb.

      Yes, do join us the next time – and help share your great days with us.

      Peace and blessings,

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