The Prompt Image was > PHASES of the MOON.

You are all invited to read the different takes – all 55-worders about the phases of the moon.

I received twenty one (21) contributions! A record!

Take your time, relish, linger and reflect.

And in no discernible order, we present:

To get the ball into play, we have newcomer Henk Mulder blogging as geneticfractals

1_Hank Mulder_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Aubrey Alagos blogging as Fiction for Supper has titled her’s The Werewolf and the Moon

1_Aubrey Alagos_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please enjoy the contribution from Jane Dougherty blogging as Jane Dougherty Writes

1_Jane Dougherty_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Next we have one from Bill. Please read billgncs blogging as bwthoughts

1_Bill_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome and enjoy Freya blogging as Freya Writes

1_Freya_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Georgia blogging as Bastet and Sekhmet shares her Time’s End

1_Georgia_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome once more, Soumya Vilekar blogging as SOUMYAV

1_Soumya_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

We have newcomer to the Gallery, Marcus blogging as alarmingman with Reflections:

1_Marcus_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

My pleasure to welcome back the ever supportive Jane Stansfeld blogging as jstansfeld

1_Jane Stansfeld_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

As my regular readers know, Jane was my Blog Pick for April 2013

Next, The Watcher penned by Penny G blogging as Poems ‘n Stuff

1_Penny G_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

A fun contribution from regular participant, Yoshiko blogging as YOSHIKO

1_Yoshiko_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

We’re All Phased from Ron Yarosh blogging as Humorous Interludes

1_Ron Yarosh_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Regular contributor, Peg Richards blogging as Listening For Joy offers up Ebb and Flow

1_Peg Richards_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Another lovely friend and regular contributor to these galleries, please welcome Susan whose goes by

Susan456 blogging as A Woman’s View of Hunting…with men

1_Susan_55WFF_The Watchman

Return contributor, Troy blogging as troysherdahl

1_Troy_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Please welcome newcomer to the gallery, AR Neal blogging as One Starving Activist

1_AR Neal_55WFF

Good friend, Paul Grignon blogging as PAUL GRIGNON takes a celestial approach with The Moon Beams:

1_Paul Grignon_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Welcome first time contributor to the gallery, Nivedita Shori blogging as Miles To Go

1_Nivedita_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Carroll Boswell has been following and reading my blog almost ever since I started blogging. My pleasure to feature his contribution here. Carroll Boswell blogging as Caleb’s Eye

1_Carroll Boswell_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

The next contribution from Nicole Moseley blogging as Bipolar Christianity. Please enjoy The One Who Watches – and no, it is not the NSA:

1_Nicole Moseley_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

The next contribution from Ben blogging as The Most Excellent Way

1_Ben_Phases of the Moon_55WFF

Thank you for joining us. That’s a wrap folks 🙂

If you enjoyed this visit, you are invited to join in the next gallery. Don’t be shy or anxious as we are here to help to shoe-in and not to criticize.

I shall return with a new Image Prompt, a 55-word Flash Fiction and some guidelines on how you can showcase and share your talent.

Share – Enjoy – Grow – for ultimately, we are left only with memories.


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