1. When I am having fun, oh so soon I have to return home. When I am down, oh I can’t wait to go home. Home is solace but also a responsibility. But it’s always better to have a home than not at all. Life’s full of contradiction.

      1. That’s what makes that journey so special… no one knows what it holds for us; speculation, faith… but nothing concrete. I don’t feel it is something to be feared, but it does make a good case for us all to do the best we can while we are here.

  2. Yah, who wants to take a test? Not me. Just like, who the heck wants to be worm food? Yikes.
    My brother, when asked “When are you going to get married?” used to answer February 29th or May, may the day never come.

  3. If home is where the heart is then I should never want to leave. Yet, often I feel I must. Much to do and see and learn before my number’s up….then me and my heart will be worm food LOL

    1. Hear, hear – I’m with you, Eva dear.

      Reminded me of a question a teacher once asked the class when I was all of 9 years old. “What date would you want the class test?” Who likes tests? So, I said on “the 56th day of this month”. “The 56th?” The teacher mocked me for been ‘stupid’ – he did not get my message. This is a true story.

  4. Don’t think I will ever understand Haikus … but I appreciate the mystery of saying something in a short and sweet form, and then ponder about it for ever.

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